And apparently all hell has broken loose in the drive from Washington to Jacksonville. No, I haven’t forgotten you guys. I’ll write something shortly.

For those of you who made your way up to 522, I apologize for not being in my seat. I actually moved over to 521 to stretch out a bit. Still, chbags and Goalielax managed to find me, so all was not lost. It was a good time.

19 thoughts on “I’M HOME

  1. KoutetsuKaigun

    Quite a road trip you had there. I used to make trips from Charlotte, NC to Fort Lauderdale, FL around once every few months before my folks finally moved near St. Augustine. What is your drug of choice for the long drive? I have recently become a fan of that 5 Hour Energy thing.

  2. Goalielax

    It was indeed a good time getting to meet some of the people who I have irritated for the past few years. Saturday was a blast…I think my brother and I got the last train leaving for New Carrollton from Metro Central and made it back to Annapolis around 4am, but I really don’t remember much of that.

    Looking forward to coming back up for some lax games and maybe the spring game as well.

  3. Moose '95

    Good trip, wish it would have ended better but after last year’s injustice, what can you do? I don’t know about everyone else, but I was freezing my tail off and even the 10 dollar beers didn’t help at the end.

  4. KoutetsuKaigun

    Mike, have you seen this before?

  5. Gary

    Wasnt it nice to see fat Charlie and ND sitting in beautiful bountiful HAWAII last night COURTESY of NAVY!
    I am sorry but I couldnt stand watching that smugness and all those smiles only because we again could not beat that team and they get rewarded with Hawaii while we played in essentially the Toilet Bowl with minimal $ and a throw towel for our players and fans treated like crap- while all the ND players -fans and coaches were laughing with leis and hula girls around them.
    I almost swear I saw Fat Charlie say “Thanks Navy” while being surrounded by food and beautiful girls in the sun as their AD was cashing a cool check for all their troubles.
    Then they trouce a team that was too fat and lazy to want to play while we got revenged against by a team on a mission.

  6. KK-
    Como se dice “quest for complete perfection in all details”? My god, that playbook goes into specifics on which way the QB’s wrist must rotate in order for him to make the “perfect pitch.” I think I’ve found my reading material for while I’m on duty today.

  7. KoutetsuKaigun

    Eric, I agree. There are parts of the playbook that cover details that I had never even thought of. It explains why teams under Coach Johnson are so successful.

  8. GoalieLax

    my head just blew up on a quick visit to the scout site

    phat, we need to get the heads together to see how we can get in on that option we were talking about at the bowl game

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