It’s a dark day on the internet. Introducing the Birddog Board:

This might keep things mildly interesting around here for the next few months. Or it could be the beginning of the end of western civilization. Worth the risk, IMO!


7 Responses

  1. lol – this has to be the first time an open thread hasn’t had a post for this long

  2. Everyone’s busy clicking the link and joining!

  3. And now the war between the Birddog Board and GoMids begins. :)

  4. I wouldn’t go that far…

  5. Ok maybe its me but werent we set to play Temple in Philly next year and that game was changed to a home game?
    We were looking forward to a trip to Cheesteak heaven and it was changed.
    Anyone know what happened? We did have them home this past year so when sched showed we were in Philly -made sense.
    Not too excited at next years home schedule and does anyone else think we may drop off a bit in attendance because of it?
    I see Wake another record sell out and of course AF but other than that…nothing there tintilates a college fans palate.

  6. I don’t think Temple was ever listed as being at Temple.

    I also don’t see any appreciable difference between 2009’s home schedule and years past.

  7. Gary is right (for once) the game was originally at Temple. Navy most likely needed another home game and was able to buy Temple out. I like the home schedule next year. Delaware will also be a huge crowd.

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