When I asked who everyone thought was the team’s best receiver over the last seven years, I figured Tyree Barnes would come out on top for a few reasons. One, he’s fresh in our memories. Two, he was really, really good. Physically he’s everything you want a wide receiver to be, and he could get up to catch a ball with the best of them. It was no surprise to see Jason Tomlinson and Reggie Campbell bringing in a few votes themselves. What absolutely stuns me, though, is seeing Eric Roberts so far behind. Really?? Roberts probably made more circus catches than anyone in Navy history. He leads the group with 1,213 career receiving yards and 10 touchdowns, and his 23.3 yards per reception for his career is the school record. I can live with Tyree getting the most votes, but Eric Roberts should have at least been second. How soon we forget.

Anyway, on to this week’s poll. This week we look to the spring. In nature, spring is the time of birth and emergence. The same can be said for college football, as new players step up to replace those who have moved on. This year’s spring practice looks like it’ll be the most interesting of the last few years, with several positions up for grabs without an obvious front-runner. Well, at least not from where we’re sitting, anyway. So the question is: which position battle are you looking forward to the most this spring?


  1. Fullback is the no-brainer pick on the surface, but at least we’ve seen the contenders before. You can’t say that for some of these. Well, maybe regulars at practice can, but a lot of us can’t.

  2. jgish92

    PK is between Teague and Delahooke? Is that right? Both of those guys did a good job in their roles this past season, I thought.

  3. There are a lot of ways to look at this. #2 QB is full of guys we’ve heard of but haven’t had the chance to see on the field yet. Fullback is Campbell vs. Teich vs. PLAYER X, who obviously have big shoes to fill. Offensive line is all about the mix of newcomers and returning veterans changing positions, and seeing how they gel as a unit. OLB has the excitement of seeing what Clint Sovie can do at his new position. Slotback is like #2 QB, especially when you talk about the whole rotation and not just who starts. We know Finnerty and Doyle, but Andre Byrd has been hurt and Corey James has only been in on a few KO returns. They’re still new to us, as are guys like Hill, Brown, Santiago, etc. That’ll be exciting. Kicker might not be exciting, but Harmon was a huge asset last year that’ll be hard to replace. DBs & WRs are probably more well-known.

  4. GoalieLax

    i voted for fullback, simply because it’s such a huge cog in the offense

    but the #2 QB is probably going to prove to be more interesting given that we haven’t seen any of the candidates on the field for an actual game

    i don’t want to replace harmon…can’t the NCAA let kickers go for 6 years or something?

  5. You know what’s funny? I’m working on a post about underrated players in Navy history, and one of the players I was going to mention was Tony Lane because he was always overshadowed by Eric Roberts. Maybe I should just include ER instead!

  6. football dad dan

    Based on the latest dc I would agree Insider, .. but don’t think that either saw any real action (?) this past season @ center, … so like the prior spring (when the center “buzz” was all AL), … I’m guessing it will be a tuff battle to find the best fit.

    Did AB never shake that ankle sprain from August ALL season, … or were there other factors why he really never saw any PT?

  7. Anonymous

    It’s all on offense. Who will emerge at center and guard? Who will play FB? Which young slot back Curry, Brown, Hill, Santiago, James, Byrd will emerge as our speed guy at slot back. Who among the freshman QBs will emerge as backup QB and who will be moved to slot or other positions?
    Since the OL always seems to have players that emerge as seniors. I’m most interested in the slots who will join Doyle and Finnerty (who my wife has a crush on-LOL). This will be interesting Spring for both Navy and Army.
    By the way Mike any opinion on coach Ellerson at Army?

  8. Jimbear NJ

    It’s all on offense. Who will emerge at center and guard? Who will play FB? Which young slot back Curry, Brown, Hill, Santiago, James, Byrd will emerge as our speed guy at slot back. Who among the freshman QBs will emerge as backup QB and who will be moved to slot or other positions?
    Since the OL always seems to have players that emerge as seniors. I’m most interested in the slots who will join Doyle and Finnerty (who my wife has a crush on-LOL). This will be interesting Spring for both Navy and Army.
    By the way Mike any opinion on coach Ellerson at Army?

    I posted the above before I realize I changed my handle to Anonymous

  9. I have opinions, jimbear. That’s another thing I’m getting to.

    In a nutshell, Ellerson is a good coach, but there’s no way to tell if he’s the right coach.

  10. NavyInsider

    Asante played a lot at guard last year. I don’t know if Snow played much if at all. Who is AB? The only person I can come up with is Adam Ballard and I know you aren’t talking about him.

  11. gonavy921

    I went with the #2 QB. FB has some names we have seen as stated. If RD would be unable to play, who is really next to step in??

  12. Gary

    Im kind of burnt out on QB debates at this point!
    But I think an underrated position was the kicking and we will really be hard pressed to replace Harmon who gave us the most consistent filed goal kicking since Jason Covarrubias ( I dont know I just loved that name) ok -ok since Roger Lanning!
    Ha just playin with you Mid boys- but the best FG kicker maybe ever for us.
    We need Teague for kickoffs as he was early in the year he was booming the ball!
    The kicking game was a big plus for us but we really could use a strong punter too.

  13. Herbal

    I’m going with Kicker. Having Harmon’s strength and accuracy has made play calls inside the 40 a lot easier, in my opinion. We would have had to make a lot tighter 3rd down calls and a lot more calls to go for it on 4th down had Harmon not been so reliable. His leg was key in a lot of games.

  14. Phil

    I’m going with slotback because I want to see if any of these guys separate themselves as a go-to slotback or has the speed to break it every time they touch the ball. The last few years the slots have been dangerous on the outside and I’d like to see that continue. The other stuff, somehow we’ve always found new blood to come up nicely. If I could sum up this summer (and next) it’s how is the talent being replenished.

  15. NavyInsider

    Gary-Ever heard of Joey Bullen? He was pretty good too and hit one or two in the clutch.

    Mike-Duh, can’t believe I couldn’t come up with Byrd. I believe his injury was worse than it was let on and then I think he missed too much time and the coaches were comfortable with White, Shinego, Doyle and Finnerty.

    Anonymous-I think Ricky made great strides during the year showing he can run the triple. He will be fine.

  16. Anonymous

    NI, all Ricky showed me is that he is a great athlete who has potential. He got 200+ yds. against the #116 rushing defense in D1. I did not see him display any of the characteristics of distributing the ball in the TO. I do not doubt that he made “great strides.” That is what getting reps will do for you. At various times over the year both Jasper and Niumat stated that Ricky needs to make better decisions in the TO. All I am saying is that the #1 QB spot should be open until RD seperates himself from the competition.

  17. Anonymous

    Here is the competition: Stukel, Proctor & Blick. I saw all of the JV games. Stukel impressed and both Proctor & Blick have run the TO before. Before we “hand” the job to the #3 ’08 guy we need to evaluate the competition. RD has the tools but I don’t care how fast or how far our QB can throw, if he doesn’t have a working knowledge of the TO and he can’t distribute the ball he is of no use in our offense.

  18. Anonymous

    I should have added a sentence at the end of this statement:

    “if he doesn’t have a working knowledge of the TO and he can’t distribute the ball, he is of no use in our offense.”

    In my opinion, RD has not shown me that.

  19. DJ

    I picked fullback not just because of the importance of the FB in the TO, but also because I do not remember the last time we were this “inexperienced” at the position. Eckel was backed up by Matt Hall, Hall by Ballard, Ballard by Kettani. Campbell and Teich might be plenty capable, but the last memory I have of that tandem was Campbell’s fumble vs. Army. Sophomore fullbacks from Texas tend to have breakout seasons (see Ballard, Adam) so I am excited about Teich’s potential with a little more size and strength in ’09.

  20. I’m guessing you’re new here, since you’re preaching to the choir on that one. But it isn’t as if there has been no evaluation up to this point. It’s Ricky’s job to lose.

  21. NavyInsider

    Teich fumbled against Army.

    Anonymous/JimBear-Did you see the Northern Illinois game? He did a great job against a good defense and even the coaches said he made a bunch of really good checks. He has all of spring and then a month in August to get ready. That being said, every position is up for grabs heading into the spring. You still have to prove yourself all over again but I think it is pretty clear that Dobbs is miles ahead of everybody else at this point.

  22. goebs

    I voted for slotback because I’m desperately hoping we have someone emerge as the burner that Reggie and Shun were (someone mentioned that above) – Finnerty and Doyle are solid, but not having that different level of speed on the corner would really hurt/limit the offense, methinks.

  23. GoMids

    The concern I have re RD is he’s more Brian Madden than Kaipo, e.g. he’s always looking to keep rather than distribute. With BM the offense went out the window as every play was a qb keeper. Kind of what we saw in the SMU game, although I’ll chalk some of that up to the weather. NIU game was a little better bit still very keeper-oriented.

    I thought the PJ playbook that popped up recently was really interesting, in that the qb philosophy in this offense is to always be thinking pitch, and to keep only if the pitch isn’t there. I don’t think we’ve seen that from RD yet – he tends to always think keep. We’re told he just needs more time, and maybe so. But at the same time, as IJ said a lot of it is feel and instinct, and either you got it or you don’t. I’m not sure RD’s got it, and his edge on the other qb’s is athleticism rather than innate ability to run the offense properly. Just MO.

  24. Nicole

    I voted for O Line. I’m looking forward to seeing who steps up to replace Gaskins and Moore, as well as how the unit gels and improves on the whole for next season.

    #2 QB is a close second. Considering most of us don’t really know any of the competition aside from RD, it’ll be interesting to see who’s who and what each player brings to the table.

  25. Anonymous

    GoMids……..You made my point exactly. Too much “keeper” for me when I think the pitch has been there at times. I must add that I think this is a natural tendency when you are still green with the TO.

    Mike/NI. I agree with you Mike that it is RD’s job to lose, that being said I do not believe that he is “miles ahead” as NI stated.

  26. Anonymous

    GoMids…..tagging on another point you made, RD is very athletic. Don’t sell Stukel short on athleticism, I believe that KN stated at a luncheon that Stukel was the most athletic of the plebe stable of QB’s. I also believe that he is stronger and faster than RD but does not throw nearly as well.

  27. football dad dan

    ““if he doesn’t have a working knowledge of the TO and he can’t distribute the ball, he is of no use in our offense.”
    In my opinion, RD has not shown me that.”

    And frankly neither did JB either … but that’s another debate.

    You must have not watched the NIU game –> RD did a very solid job running the Navy TO & making the pitch out to the slot backs @ the precise moment. I think he would have done just fine against Army 10 days later (if called upon).

    Can’t really use the SMU game as the cornerstone to evaluate this aspect of his play –> It was his 1st start under terrible weather conditions. I’m willing to bet my next paycheck that RD was instructed to keep the ball on every play … until SMU stopped him –> And they never did!
    Winning the game was the number one priority … and the Coaches obviously wanted to minimize turnovers. Once it was obvious that Navy was in control of the game, … RD was allowed to hand-off/pitch the ball a little … even with the rain @ it’s worst in the 2nd half.
    It’s clearly his job to lose, … and if he can stay healthy the rest of the way, … I’m guessing that other QB’s in the class of ’10 & ’11 might not be getting much PT during their USNA tenure.

  28. newt91

    going a little off the board on this one…
    I went with the dbacks. i can’t remember the last time we went into the offseason without huge question marks on this side of the ball. I will have no greater joy than watch a couple of hungry up-and-coming underclass battle for the chance at filling one of the few open spots on a D that was really solid. It’s not “will we find someone”, it’s finally “who’s worthy of joining a squad that had two shut-outs.
    pure rapture!

  29. football dad dan

    Who’s “complaining” about JB??? … Just made a apropo remark to anonymous concerning his comments about RD’s QB play.

    And “5 months ago” –> wtf???

    Beat Army!!!

  30. NavyInsider

    GoMids-SMU game doesn’t count. Football dad is right, with the weather the way it was and the score, the smart thing to do was to just keep it (and they couldn’t tackle him). I don’t know how you can say that Dobbs doesn’t have the instinct to run the TO after two games. This is incredible. Dobbs hasn’t even started the year yet and people are already calling for the back-up (LOL). Only at quarterback.

    Also, unfair criticism of Brian Madden, He was playing with a totally different coaching staff. Madden would have been a great triple option QB (or fullback) had he played under PJ/Niumat/Jasper.

    To me, Dobbs compares more to Chris McCoy, except a better passer.

    Stukel is very athletic, I bet he is the #2.

    DB-Blake Carter, Darius Terry, Kevin Edwards. All guys that have started games.

    Slots-Bunch of guys with speed. Cory James and Marcus Curry are really fast. Santiago, Hill, Brown can all run. Don’t dismiss Bobby Doyle. He may not be stop watch fast, but the other team always has a hard time tackling him.

  31. randyrad

    who are the likely PK holders?
    JB was a big part of Harmon’s success.

    re RD v JV QBs – compare RD’s 07 JV games with 08 JV QBs => miles apart

  32. GoMids

    I think I mentioned the weather. And pretty sure we all saw BM play, esp the army game when he ignored pitches that were so wide open my mom could’ve taken it to the house. That was 99 – 41 qb carries right? KN was OC, correct? And NI weren’t you the one saying BM would’ve been a fullback under PJ? How so, if he would’ve been a great triple option qb? But anyway, guess we’re bringing the unwritten rules from gomids board over here — no one connected with the program has any flaws, everyone is perfect and no critique is valid. Hope we’re not also bringing the written rules, we’re you’re not allowed to critique the coaches.

  33. Don’t start with that, GoMids.

    And Niumat wasn’t the OC in 99. He was at UNLV. As for Madden, the offense in 1999 was VERY good and led the nation in rushing. One game is hardly enough to say that Madden was dragging down the offense.

  34. jgish92

    91, I am least interested in the DB’s to replace Buffin and King, because wrt Terry, Carter and Edwards, they’ve all seen playing time the last two years. In most cases, pretty extensive playing time. (I think it’ll be Terry and Carter – just a guess) I think that any two of the three would be fine. Backup QB 3rd slotback and FB are positions that will be filled with guys that we’ve hardly seen. That’ll be more interesting, IMHO.

  35. Start with the woe-is-me, victimhood, “no critique is valid” stuff. Nobody said that. Just because someone disagrees with you, that doesn’t mean they’re shouting you down or saying no critique is allowed.

  36. Anonymous

    randyrad…. I’ve seen the last two years worth of JV games. I don’t see the “miles apart” that you see. Understand that the JV stable of QB’s had a 5 man rotation this year. I believe RD only rotated with Robby Davis. Maybe your impression with RD was based on the # of reps vs. this years plebe QB’s? I guess we will see come April. As I stated, it’s Dobbs to lose but let’s just not annoint him yet.
    The likely PK holders are: Zingler and/or Blick (held for JV.)

  37. Anonymous

    NI….Nobody is calling for the backup QB. I’m just not ready to hand over the “keys to the car” to the #3 ’08 QB without seeing the incoming QB’s and how well they handle the TO. To me RD hasn’t consistently demonstrated his ability to run the TO…….maybe he will this spring, but it needs to play out.

  38. GoMids

    Come on man, I for sure wasn’t saying woe is me. Just gets a little tiresome when anything that isn’t drinking the koolaid absolutely has to be refuted, usually with a non-sequitur or something totally beside the point. I have no problem with anyone disagreeing with me, but disagree on the point.

    As for saying no critique is allowed, it’s not me saying it. Read the new rules on gomids. When it comes to coaches, that’s what the rules say – no critique is allowed. Fun fan board, huh?

    If it makes you feel any better, strike everything after “great triple option qb.” The rest stands.

  39. newt91

    not disagreeing. but the question was worded “most looking forward to…” and i love the fact that our d is at a different level. I’m most looking forward to an offseason of few questions and “next level work”. that’s all. PJ changed the mindset of the team (expect to win). The offense has always felt (at least the last few years) it could score. Now the D expects to hold.
    if it’s interesting, than FB probably provides the most interest. don’t mean to dis the OL, but skill players we haven’t seen a lot will lead

  40. NavyInsider

    GoMids-Ken N was not the OC in 1999 (I know you hate it when facts get in the way of your arguments), I did say Madden would have been a FB. What I am also saying is he would have been good either place (fullback or QB). The reason he would have been good at FB is they needed one in 2002 and had Candeto at QB.

    As far as unwritten rules, what are you talking about? Why can you give your point of view, but if I give my point of view I’m squashing your critique? You certainly would be no fun to have a beer with and argue sports. You would just walk away crying after five minutes because I didn’t agree with you. I don’t know why you are so sensitive. I don’t believe I was disrespectful towards you in any way

  41. GoMids

    I can’t find the eye-rolly thing. The point was RD looks like he wants to keep it all the time, and if PJ’s book accurately describes how the offense is supposed to work, the qb should think pitch first. And hopefully he improves on that between now and horseshoe. That was the point. Not “Let’s start an argument about how awesome a TO qb BM was.” That was beside the point.

  42. GoMids

    NI – why is your point of view always, “If you’re not drinking the koolaid, you’re wrong?” Why have a beer and argue sports with that guy, when you already know what he’s going to say?

  43. NavyInsider

    How is what I said being on the Kool-Aid? Because I didn’t agree with YOU?

    I have never heard PJ say you should always be thinking pitch. It is all about what the defense takes away. If they take away the pitch, you keep it every time.

  44. GoMids

    It’s not just me dude. You jump in to correct everyone who suggests somebody on the team or coaching staff isn’t perfect. I understand that’s your thing, but people are entitled to their opinions. And I wasn’t talking about what PJ said in your presence, I was talking about what he wrote in his playbook. Presumably he still believes it.

    And Mike, just because someone doesn’t agree with YOU doesn’t make them thin skinned. I know you have to have the last word, so go ahead.

  45. No, what makes them thin-skinned is saying stuff like, “But anyway, guess we’re bringing the unwritten rules from gomids board over here — no one connected with the program has any flaws, everyone is perfect and no critique is valid. Hope we’re not also bringing the written rules, we’re you’re not allowed to critique the coaches.”

    Is that what it means when one guy disagrees with something you said? Come on, dude. And now you’re starting with the “you have to have the last word” whining? Are you posting from Colorado Springs today?

  46. So, where exactly on GoMids did I say no critique was allowed? I love the absolutes you find on the internet.

    For the record, what I said was “If you’re going to criticize a coach then you better expect to get criticized back. Period. It’s just like expressing your opinion – you do so at your own risk. Chances are someone is going to disagree with you and let you know about it.” If you can’t handle a debate (or criticism) about your opinion/criticism, then maybe a message board isn’t for you.

    I thought we had a better relationship than that, GM.

  47. NavyInsider

    What PJ playbook said you should always think pitch? I have never heard of that. Not saying it is wrong, I have just never heard of that and I am asking an honest question.

    Mike do you know what he is referring too?

    GM-You can tell me I’m wrong all day and I won’t take my ball and go home. Sorry if I disagree with most of what you say. Doesn’t mean I’m on the Kool-Aid, it just means I disagree with you. If you go back and read the other threads on this board 99% of us have good conversations on here. I came over here because you can have good arguments with people.
    I never said you were wrong (except when you said Ken N was the OC in 1999) and I was right. I was just saying why I disagreed with you. I’m not mad at you, I don’t know why you are mad at me.

  48. Insider–
    *this used to be a link*

    When the book talks about “one-way decisions,” it’s talking about a way to make reads easier for the quarterback, not saying that the pitch is a priority over the keeper.

  49. NavyInsider

    Wow, very interesting. I am going to send this to my contacts and find out if it is legit. If it is legit, I bet some people will be pissed. I guarantee you this isn’t supposed to be out there. Definitely some interesting reading though.

  50. footballdaddan

    I feel for ya GoMids … and I think I fully understand where you are coming from. While we all are certainly entitled to our opinions (here), … “stand bye to stand bye” if in your text you state any facts incorrectly, … Cuzz that error will be pounced upon & rode hard by folks who disagree with your overall position, … sometimes to the extent to justify “invalidating” what you are attempting to argue??? Just my observations reading/posting the past two years. Logic doesn’t always “win out”, … and I guess sometimes it shouldn’t when one has an agenda. Of course, … be prepared to “defend yourself” if you choose to make a bold statement. Just keep plugging away … and don’t let the “terrorists” win (all the time)! (o;

    Mike, … Your “Into The Fire” post asked for comments (after reading the book). Not sure if that post is too far off your radar screen now, … but I did provide some verbiage there.

    GO NAVY!!!

  51. NavyInsider

    Football Dad-So if you state facts incorrectly it is OK? That doesn’t make much sense. It takes two to argue, I don’t understand why you get upset if somebody argues against your point. That is part of a good argument, two points. You are the king of taking veiled shots at people. If you make bold statements shouldn’t you be prepared to back it up if somebody challenges? Again, that is what makes a good argument. I don’t think anybody on here as an agenda. Just people with different points of view talking Navy sports. Just because people don’t agree with you doesn’t make them terrorists, come on.

  52. football dad dan

    NI, … If someone makes an incorrect statement (be it something factual, … or an opinion that really has no sound basis), … then I totally agree that they should be “called out on it”/corrected –> I do it all the time. –> And so do you.
    I really don’t get upset if someone argues against any of my opinions/points … but don’t appreciate it when they “misquote or selectively edit” what I said … and then use that verbiage to argue/”prove me wrong”. I think I have stated that issue a number of times … especially on GoMids.com. I also think that I have always backed-up my “bold statements” throughout the year+ … no??? I’m the “King”??? –> Praise from Ceasar no doubt! (o;

    I was speaking in generalities (covering the entire spectrum) on my above reply to GM –> I was not referring to anything about the current topic being debated here. I think it is obvious where I stood wrt his/anon’s comments about RD as QB. I suppose I have experianced what I sensed was his level of “frustration” in my early going of being a poster. Guilty of showing my 2marinedad “inter-net sensitivity” side I guess??? (o; (o;

    Please get over it tbd … In this case I was right & you were wrong for calling me out w/ that b/s remark.

    GO NAVY!!!

  53. New Navy Mom

    Since this post relates to spring ball, be advised that there are some pending departures in the 2008 recruiting class. Most have secured scholarships / playing opportunities at other schools. I am new here so I am curious to know what rate of attrition is considered normal as players transition from JV to Varsity?

  54. football dad dan

    “I don’t think I have ever misquoted you or selectively edited you (and perhaps you were talking about others).”

    –> I can’t recall you ever having done so either NI, … But there have been others. Sorry if my post (inadvertantly) inferred a “finger pointing @ you” on that particular issue. Like I said, … was talking generalities.

    Whatever Mike … BZ for getting in the last word.

    Beat Army!!!

  55. gonavy921

    Anon: I agree to a point in what you’re saying about RD and not giving him the keys to the car yet, but I don’t know anyone else that can even walk onto the lot and pick out a car at this point. If Stukel can prove he’s worthy, then so be it. That’s why I voted the way I did.

    As far as the Madden issue goes, I agree that his team was different and he had no real supporting cast as we’ve seen currently.

  56. Anonymous

    New Navy Mom…………..Curious to know what you’ve heard about “pending departures?” Any names at this point. – Popeye (a.k.a.) Anonymous

  57. NavyInsider

    Plus, there are always “rumors” about this person and that person leaving and most of the time they don’t materialize. There have been many of graduates (football and non-football) that were “out the door” at one time or another.

  58. Jimbear NJ

    NavyInsider, on January 21st, 2009 at 8:38 am Said:

    NI wrote:
    “Anonymous/JimBear-Did you see the Northern Illinois game? He did a great job against a good defense and even the ect…”

    Hi Navyinsider:
    I posted only 1 time on this thread January 20. It came up anonymous (my handle was erase in the name section after cleaning my PC) then I added the same quote with my name. I don’t know who’s posting this anti Ricky stuff. It’s not me I a huge Ricky fan and felt he should have started vs ND. I totally agree with you and other that state their is no QB controversy this fall. The battle is clearly for #2

  59. popeye


    No one posted ANY “anti-Ricky stuff.” Furthermore no one said anything about a QB controversy. A recap of what was said:
    1.) RD is very talented
    2.) It’s his job to lose
    3.) Before handing him the job, let’s take a wait and see approach and evaluate the incoming QB class and their ability to run the TO.
    4.) May the best man win.

  60. football dad dan

    popeye –> Pretty certain that at least two posters basically said (paraphrasing mind you) that RD couldn’t run the Navy TO offense because he doesn’t read/distribute the football … which resulted in more than one “retort” from the likes of Navy Insider & myself. Sounded kinda “anti-Ricky” to me, … but perhaps I read them wrong???
    My point is I think your “recap” was a tad incomplete, … Hardly a “lecture”? Just MO.

    You da Man Gary!!!

  61. popeye

    football dad dan…….I believe you were referring to me as I was posting as “anonymous.” I never said RD couldn’t run the TO. All I said was that (and this is strictly the eye test), I haven’t seen enough of him distributing the ball in the TO to hand him the keys to the offense. I’m from Missouri…..SHOW ME. Everybody was talking about the #2 QB position. I’m not ready to concede #1 to RD. That’s all. I never meant to be “anti RD.” I believe I was overly sensitive to you comment. I apologize.

  62. football dad dan

    No problema popeye … I certainly respect your opinion on the matter, … and understand/appreciate your point/explanation.

    I for one think that unless RD regresses, … it’ll be close to impossible to knock him from the “throne” going into next season for sure.

    Thanks for the reply … and Beat Army!!!

  63. randyrad

    Anon – fair point about the # of JV QB’s & the number of avail snaps.

    I hope RD faces stiff competition & whoever’s #1 feels others breathing down his neck.
    We’ll always need candidates for a QB controversy.
    Confident depth at that position is always critical, as this year proved.

    Thanks for the PK holder info. Hope this years NAPS holder isn’t a candidate. He’s needed as a midfielder at USNA.

  64. pipehunter

    fdd – count me as a selective editor – maybe it is because of the length of the posts! Funny, you do not seem to mind when I am agreeing with you! That’s the great thing about written posts – you cannot take back what was said. Its all there.

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