I-Day was yesterday. Other than the environmental effects from the explosion of new whiteworks smell that is now being carried around the globe via the jet stream, the most important part of I-Day is the official release of recruit lists. As most of you already know, the Naval Academy does not participate in the National Letter of Intent program, so Navy coaches cannot discuss recruits until they are actually enrolled in the school. You can find the football release here.

The coaches don’t talk about recruits until I-Day, but thanks to various media sources we usually already have a pretty good idea of who’s coming. That makes the official release less of a cause for celebration, and more a cause for nervous apprehension as we scan the names looking to see who’s changed their mind since verbally committing. The most unusual part about this year’s class is that there are only two quarterbacks. Normally there are a bunch of them; two or three will end up staying at QB, and the rest are athletic enough to fit in at other positions. Not so this year. We already know that Kavon Seaton left NAPS. Apparently, this year’s QB crop is all headed to Newport first. I’m not panicking, I just found it a little bit strange to only see two QBs.

Anyway, as usual on I-Day, it’s also time to re-post the manifesto.

One thought on “I-DAY

  1. SaltySam98

    I am living proof that PHAT is correct about his take on those who said they’d leave ASAP, in fact, do not. I wound up loving the Marines and most of my classmates are shocked that I am still in after 11+ years.

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