Postgame Haiku, Vol. 19

Hard not to feel proud.
No moral victories, but
No shame in this loss.


69 Responses

  1. I’m too tired to haiku, but my sentiments match yours.

    Incredibly proud of the mids. For weeks I’ve been telling everyone that we’ve got a chance, and we showed that. Incredible fight, incredible drive. Unlucky.

    A moral victory for sure.

  2. definitely no shame in this loss. i hope we can keep this up… i can’t for next week, lousiana tech is no OSU

  3. “no OSU”, but not chopped liver either.
    Too tired for haiku. (I’ll have to reread Shogun to get my Nippon on.)

  4. Nah no shame in the loss but damn i can’t bring myself to say i feel good.

    I think the rest of the season is looking up though. Hope the guys take some good lessons away from columbus.

  5. About 5 plays into our first drive, I honestly thought we were going to win.

  6. Coulda won this game. Trying not to let that thought dominate. Great showing. Maybe now we can get some respect. Been hearing TV commentators having to admit that Navy is actually a good team. This game, although we lost, could be a watershed event.

  7. LOL at Griese calling OSU the Buccaneers! that was worth the price of my cable bill.

  8. btw how terrible was spielman

  9. Somebody called Big Nate a name like Nate Dozier…lol

  10. So everyone’s ragging on the decision to throw on the 2-point conversion … I figure IJ was remembering throwing for 2 vs ND in 2007.

  11. A well fought game.
    Players stepped up big.
    Turnovers killed us today.

  12. TJ– it was the exact same play. Ignore the idiots.

  13. Columbus native
    Buckeye my entire life
    But DAMN this one hurt

  14. Who knows if we would have made the 2-pt conv on a run? Odds are we would, but OSU still had 2:21 to drive down and get a FG to win…I still think they win the game either way.

  15. The run-back on the INT made it look worse, but i doubt the coaches take that unlikelihood into account when picking a play. A fumbled snap or dropped pitch could’ve had the same result. whatever.

  16. The talking heads would be calling IJ and KN geniuses if Ricky had completed the pass. They don’t know %$#@.

  17. exactly.

  18. Mike did you notice which O’Linemen played most of the game? Did DeMell play much at Center, or was Bass playing Center most/all of the game?

  19. By the way, Terrell Pryor with “Mika Vick” written on his eyeblack.

    “Hey coach, I’m gonna dedicate this game to the dumbest football player ever. That cool?”

    Coach: “That’s cool.”

  20. I’ll have to go back and look, 53. We threw some extra tackles in there, but I’m pretty sure Bass played the whole game. I wasn’t looking, though.

  21. I wasn’t thrilled with the 2pt call, but, if that’s your play, then I guess you go with it. Maybe the play wasn’t as bad, as RD’s read.

    Otherwise, great game. If anyone had told me we would have lost the TO battle 3-1, and, then told me we had a chance to tie the game, I would have said you were on crack.

    Not exacty sure how well RD ran the triple, but, I thought he did a good running the game, and, I know he will get better the longer the season runs.

    What a great opportunity the kids had today, and, I thought, they made the most of it.

    And yeah, Spielman might be the dumbest TV announcer ever.

  22. Near as I can tell no injuries coming out of this game either … Emmitt a little banged up but came back in both times. I do feel good about that.

  23. The mids made me proud
    announcers gave no respect
    a team that’s all fight

    I not criticizing the 2 point conversion call. I’m just not sure who Dobbs was throwing to–Teich?

  24. Army and Air Farce musta soiled their pants

  25. whoever was in the back of the end zone.

  26. awesome stadium
    stunned silence most of the game
    can’t wait for next game

    seriously, after our first TD drive, you could feel the unease in that stadium. the 4th quarter was crickets. awesome reception…teams ran out together which was cool. NO BREEZE made it much hotter than it was. i wish i could see a night game here…it will be charged up for USC, but I have no clue how OSU will do against them.

    gotta wonder if THIS game is the beginning of the TO renissance. you HAVE to think other schools in the Big 10 are looking at this and wondering why they’re not doing it

  27. GL:


  28. Who ever was in the back of the end was open. With the success Navy and Georgia Tech have had with the TO, it is hard to believe other teams won’t go to it. Especially teams that have been in the lower echelon of their conferences for an extended period of time.

  29. Serious question: The fourth and long play where the Slot Backs go back next to the fullback.. Todays wrinkle of having the fukll back go in motion aside, I’ve seen the same shit for years now. I see the first slotback go back and I know they are not running a play. Assuming somebody on the other team has watched Navy game film, how do we expect to draw anyone offsides with that? I always thought PJ had a play to run from that formation and was just using 4th and longs to condition film watchers and he would spring the trap later. But it never happened under him or Niumat.

  30. What else can you do to draw someone offside? Most teams just try a hard count. I don’t think that’s any more effective. Besides, at least by putting guys in motion you can see how the defense will line up if you DO want to call timeout and run a play.

    Against Rutgers in 2005, we put both slots in the wishbone and ran a play. We drew ND offside in 06.

  31. That’s usually done on fourth and short and, since you can only motion two guys (but not at once), there is really no other option other than a hard count. Granted, it has been very predictable and unsuccessful.

  32. Didn’t we run a play from that formation at Tulsa in 2004?

  33. I don’t know which is why I am not a football coach. But If I know that Navy is not going to run a play as soon as the SB runs back next to the FB, I gotta think other coaches know. This is nitpicking and I am proud of their performance today, but I just think they should be a little creative on the “draw them offsides” play.

    maybe on a few 2nd and 2’s throughout the season run a play after the slotbacks go back next to the fullback?? Just throw a little bit of doubt in there.

  34. I wouldn’t want to waste any 2nd down plays to set up future “draw them offsides” plays.

    On plays like that it doesn’t matter what the coaches know, or what we can see from our couches. You’re just trying to get an overeager lineman to jump.

  35. Like Mike pointed out vs UCONN with the tapping of the helmets before the pass play on the first play of the game. I always thought that there was some great play to be unveiled from that formation after other coaches had been conditioned to expect no play, but i’ve never seen it. Today would have been a good time unveil it IMO.

  36. 2nd and 2’s from legit 4 down territory when we are leading wouldn’t be a bad choice IMO.

  37. Mike, the post in the forum on the Ohio State thread about the player knowing we would pass on the 2pt conversion from watching film is what I am talking about. Teams watch film and ther is no other play that has slotback motion to the fullback’s side other than the draw them offsides play on 4th and (relatively) long. I may be a fool, but I think football programs are multi-year campaigns where coaches have to set up other unknown teams for unknown situations, in unknown years. How sweet would it have been if we could show them them the 2pt conversion formation from Notre Dame 2 years ago and do something totally different?

  38. You’re seriously getting this worked up about how we try to draw teams offside? Seriously?

  39. Don’t be so dismissive. I think you are a Navy football god, but I think it’s an aspect of the game we can improve upon. It is also a symptom of what led to the 2pt conversion playcall. Would it not help if we could draw a team offsides 1/10 of the time instead of never? Maybe that results in 1 extra win over 3 years. Maybe it occurs this year and we end up with 7 and go to a bowl. So, yeah, I think it is important.

  40. lol

    have fun with that

  41. Obviously you don’t care, but I think it is an aspect that can be improved with minimal investment and could pay off some day.

  42. Commentators stunk.
    Ricky’s quadruple option
    almost stole the game.

  43. Drawing teams offsides rarely works whatever the formation is. Doing it after a quarter change is a definate waste of a timeout. I would imagine the success rate on that is about zero. Thought the game was great, good job men.

  44. See Ricky run
    See Ricky pass
    See Ricky make OSU
    Pull a win from dey ass

    (not a haiku, I know)

  45. If we are going to discuss offsides ad nauseum then graduation rates need an entire post! kidding

  46. I was pleasantly surprised at the game. i saw many good things. the announcers obviously were not very good. they dismissed the offense, as do most people. they claimed that the offense couldn’t come back, but almost did. the turnovers were a killer. if any game proves that, it’s this one. i think in a span of about 5 minutes at the end of the game i experienced almost every emotion possible. if the team cuts down on the turnovers and continues to improve, they could have a very good year. on the plus side, i’ve heard navy said about 100,000 times since the game ended. it’s great to get free press.

  47. One of the ESPN announcers repeatedly thought it necessary to throw in “This is just a tune up game for Ohio State…” until the last 5 minutes, when that phrase mysteriously disappeared.

    And how about that 99 yard touchdown drive! Against Ohio State’s vaunted Defense, no less.

  48. This game reminded me of the first Rocky. Ohio State wanted a season opener “tune-up” with a little more pageantry then Akron so out of the goodness of their hearts they picked a sentimental favorite good old Navy. But somebody forgot to tell Navy that they couldn’t compete in this ring. This time it was Jim Tressel and not Apollo Creed saying in the end “Ain’t going to be no rematch!”.

  49. Why Mike, Why? Why didn’t Ricky look to his left on the two-point conversion? Why was everyone looking right – including Ohio State’s cheerleaders, the D&B, everybody!

    I expect a 30-minute film breakdown on the 2-point conversion and your suggestions on a better play in the situation.

    Anything else would be unacceptable.

  50. knine– awesome analogy.

  51. Spielman kept talking like he “figured” out the TO. Kept saying watch the pulling guard and that will tell you where the play is going. Incredible! Mike will have to comment on how many times we pull a guard (seems like very few to me). Only when GT wins National title will this offense get respect from announcers. Seems that Dobbs has added a fourth option this year which is great. Seemed like all the question marks (O line, NT etc.) became positive statements. Dont let down Coach, push them in practice we got games left!

  52. Priceless quote from Coach Niumat at the post game: “We’re not into moral victories. We weren’t coming here to experience the atmosphere. We were coming here to win,” head coach Ken Niumatalolo said. “Our kids are down. We hate losing, regardless of who we play.”

    Now, that’s what I’m talkin bout!

  53. I am reminded yet again why we are fortunate to have Coach Ken leading this team.

  54. Before you deify Coach Niumat, consider this post-game quote: “If Ohio State comes in totally focused on us, we had no chance.”

  55. clearly the turnovers killed us, and i can live with the call on the 2pt conv, although Ricky made a bad choice b/c he had very little room to thread that needle.
    What I did like was to see some of the alternate formations this early in the season. normally we take a few games to mix it up, and i think the offense was in better shape – especially with the spectre of the tOSU defense in front of it – than i expected it to be for game 1.
    I can’t wait for the breakdown.

  56. the whole “offense struggles in week 1” thing is a myth.

    i also don’t see what that quote has to do with being happy that Niumat is the coach.

  57. Deify Coach Niumat? I was just pointing out the attitude. I love the fact that KN takes no consolation in this loss. His comment about Ohio State not being focused should not be taken out of context. KN, his staff and the team plays to win. That’s a GOOD thing and the reason for my post.

  58. Did you see PJ’s post-game quote about his Navy and GSU teams vs his current GT team? He said something to the effect of his Navy teams hating to lose and doing everything they could to win. I think that KN has continued getting that level of commitment from the team.

    Not to harp on the 2pt try, but, the receiver RD was throwing to in the back of the endzone was triple covered. It seems to me that OSU knew that play was coming.

    Our “try and pull them offsides play” is fine. I’m pretty sure we would have snapped the ball if they hadn’t covered Teich coming out of the backfield.

    You don’t do stuff like that as a coach unless you’re prepared to utilize it.

  59. Spielman was getting his option offenses confused on his ” follow the pulling guard” comment. That’s what you do against a wing T offense. Except on some counter option Navy rarely pulls.

  60. “the whole “offense struggles in week 1″ thing is a myth.”

    agreed. but the offense looked like it was running more formations and a wider variation of plays than we normally see this early in the season. i’m sure trying to keep OSU from settling into a rhythm was part of it, but after rewatching the game tonite i thought the offense payed really well. they just need to limit those turnovers.

  61. I was pretty happy with how quickly it seemed like IJ made play calls that took advantage of what OSU was doing defensively.

  62. Yes, TTDT, it’s nice of you to point out that “KN, his staff and the team play to win.” But I’m pretty sure that is the attitude of all of the 119 other D1-A/BCS teams. I’m happy that he is coach too but am not myopic or naive enough to think that he never makes a mistake.

  63. random thought

    OSU paid us something like $1.45 million to escape with a 4 point victory

  64. That is a beautiful consolation prize, isn’t it GL?

  65. We played them even according to the stats. Both the defense and offense played great (sans turnovers). I believe that the game ball should go to the defense who held Ohio State to 31 points. I can’t wait to see Navy stomp La Tech at home.

  66. The defense actually held Ohio State to 29 points despite the three turnovers. And Louisiana Tech is no joke. Second place in the WAC last season, 9 returning starters on offense and a revamped defense.

  67. Never before have
    I felt confident post-loss.
    Now THAT was a game.

  68. We were in the fight.
    Great effort and heart.
    Rickey’s arm will give the opposing DB’s nightmares in there preparation. They cannot be aggressive flying up to support.

  69. At the end of the game came a loud WHEW
    And only a mere 6 months ago we were chanting “why play OSU”
    Great game boys. I’m proud of you!!!

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