54 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 21

  1. GoalieLax

    The silver lining
    as bad as we played tonight
    lost by just thirteen

    don’t know if that’s a tribute to our “gumption” or just a damning of pitt/BE football

  2. It seems obvious to me that Navy has forgotten what got them to the bowl games and all those CIC trophies…. running the ball.
    I have always believed that Navy’s big picture football strategy (that works) went something like this: We can’t recuit NFL size players, so we go after speed, and use an offense and defensive scheme that plays to that strength. On offense, that is the tripple option. Running the option effectively is an equalizer. You eat up the clock not allowing your opponent on the field. If they don’t have the ball, they can’t score (as long as you don’t turn it over). By playing triple option football you rack up the rushing yards, eat the clock, and deny the othter guy a chance to score. You also get their defense sucking wind by the third quarter, while your defense is fresh. Air Force and Army have finally realized this and are doing better now that they have opted for the option offense.
    This year we have what may be the best passing arm at Navy in years. That said, let me say just because I have a Vette does not mean I drive through the city streets at 160 mph. Just because Ricky has a great arm does not mean Navy should be throwing the ball 20 times a game because a passing game reqires more than a QB witha great arm. When I see Navy drop back to pass and the Guard gets pancaked by someone who outweighs him by 100 lbs on the way to sacking Ricky, it tells me Navy is trying to pass too much.
    Tonight’s 129 rushing yards is the result of not only too many passes but spending too much time on the passing game in practice. I can tell because of all the missed assignments when they tried to run. There is only so much time in each practice, and if you don’t have down pat what got you to the promised land (the running game) then you are going to be forced into throwing the ball more…. somethng the offiensive line is no designed to do.
    Let’s hope Coach Ken gets things back on track for a tune up against WK before the Lighting Bolts come to town. If they can’t get back to what turned the program around it could be bad early October in Annapolis.

  3. .PS – And a BZ for Buddy Green and his defense. Whatever they are paying him they should double it. Allowed only 6 points the second half against Pitt, and pitch 3+ shut out quarters against La Tech….

  4. usmc53

    On the right side of the screen on The Birddog’s main page, there is a poll asking which road game you’d most like to attend this year. Let me advise all of you to NEVER answer “Pitt.” The stadium is boring, the crowd is annoying, and the in-stadium PA announcer is so painful to listen to, you almost want to jump off of one of Pittsburgh’s 1000 bridges, just to put yourself out of your misery.

    Go Navy!

  5. usmc53

    West Kentucky stinks;
    Saturday should be filled with
    Joy unlike Pittsburgh.

    So next week we will
    More patiently await film
    Of fun game highlights.

  6. Andy

    holy crap you guys
    i know i am unemployed
    but what’s your excuse?

    working stiffs should not
    have enough time in the day
    for all these haiku

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