Postgame Haiku, Vol. 22

If you voted “no”
On the throwback uni poll,
LOL you’re wrong.


17 Responses

  1. Defense looked soft
    But Ricky made many reads
    Slots and Fullbacks solid

  2. CINCHOUSE just gave me
    Weapons Free for the auction!

  3. The rain came down
    Ricky just kept scoring
    Now, bidding on a uni

  4. Great gift to the men
    of the ’59 Navy
    team. Beat Army!

  5. It amazes me that some of the jerseys are already in the triple digits. There are two weeks left in the auctions people!
    Man, I hope I can afford one by then…

  6. I still think that we should stick with the jerseys we have now. However, I do very much like these throwbacks. Putting them (well…new ones since these will all be sold) into some kind of part-time rotation would be nice. They look a lot better than then “shoulder board” ones from the end of last season.

  7. Uniforms were tight,
    Defense didn’t look that good,
    Bring it on Air Force!

  8. Throwbacks looked real good.
    Not “Chargers powder blue” good.
    Keep uni’s the same.

  9. Navy-Marine Corps
    Memorial Stadium,
    Happy fiftieth.

    The defense stepped up
    When they needed to, but the
    Offense stole the show.

  10. Perhaps wear the throwback uniforms at homecoming each year?

  11. Section 130, I could definitely get behind that. Or even for the Army-Navy game.

  12. Homecoming was great.
    Pouring rain dampened the fun.
    But still a good win.

  13. Gotta beat Chair Force.
    Sovie and Ram will be back
    on D. Navy wins.

  14. Mentioned your good work to Kaipo… It looks like he’s joined the affray.

  15. 29-2 back then
    38-22 now
    Ohhhh the memories

  16. I voted no, but, think I made a mistake…

  17. Loved the uni’s – wear them for Service Academy games every year only!

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