Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun says that quarterback Tim Jefferson is practicing again. At least, I think that’s what this means:

“Being able to practice, I think, is a good step forward,” Calhoun said of Jefferson. “Which I think you’ve got to do. I think this week the thing you’ve got to have is you’re going to have to have a good bit of practice work.”

Calhoun also says that he’d like to name a starter by today. Or not. So there you go.

Hey, with their new media policy, I don’t know if you appreciate what it takes to even get that much out of them.


15 Responses

  1. You bet he’s going to play.

  2. Not a doubt in my mind.

  3. Stupid chair force. Who do they think they’re kidding?

  4. Very funny pic added. I don’t care either way. I am confident that BG is preparing to play AF offensive schemes, not individual players.

  5. “I think this week the thing you’ve got to have is you’re going to have to have a good bit of practice work.”

    You could wear yourself out just trying to understand this sentence. That Troy Calhoun’s a trickster.

  6. I am no longer anonymous

  7. Really? Obama comments? Really?

    If you want to make those please link to any article on the drudge report.

  8. Sorry for getting rid of it, Ken… Now people are going to wonder what you’re talking about!

  9. Carney for 4 years and now Jefferson. Knock him around a few times and he’ll rattle.

  10. Whoa, I’m sorry I got here too late to see the Obama comment. Ken was fired up!

  11. That’s okay. I prefer to have the image of a raving lunatic. I find that’s how you get respect on the internet.

    In other news, what does everyone think the chances of the sure-to-be-doomed “sea of blue” initiative will be this weekend?

  12. could be a good day to offload all those blue ponchos in the garage.

  13. If the weather forecast is correct, there will probably be more yellow (ponchos) than anything else in the stands. Hey, some of those cheap plastic ponchos couldn’t cost more than 50 cents wholesale. I’m sure Chet could afford to buy 35,000 or so in blue and have them handed out at the gates. :)

  14. He should at least pass out blue ponchos to the mids to temporarily replace their raingear. Who wants to see a black hole in a “sea of blue”? Also I assume that the uniform of the day is now dress blues instead of whites. If not, the brigade section will be “whitecaps” until it starts to rain. (At least when it’s “carry raingear” the mid section can make a lot of noise pounding on them.

  15. I hope that our strength of schedule is also a factor in Saturday’s game. Ohio State and Pitsburgh seem to be worthier opponents than Nicholls State and New Mexico.

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