39 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 23

  1. Elliott

    At times that was just single option. How many yards did our SBs get? And where was the PA pass?

    What was the point in leaving us in 2nd and 9+??? And 3rd and 7+?

    Some of the D though was outstanding. You would back them to do anything today. Reminders of Vela @ Notre Dame on that 4th and 1 forced fumble.

  2. knine

    Both Defenses played very well….I wish we would have loosened them up a little with our passing game. I guess IJ and KN were scared to throw into AF’s strength… still glad to have the W.

  3. ANON

    From my Aussie cousin in town – “Buckley’s Chance”
    Means, of course, ‘no chance in the world’, or about the same chance a snowball would have of keeping its cool in hell. The phrase is commonly (both earlier and nowadays) shortened to “Buckley’s.” Due to the “coriolis effect”..”Buckley”, for Navy, has taken on a most reverend meaning in our family

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