Postgame Haiku, Vol. 23

Offensive football
Was set back seventy years.
I don’t seem to care.


39 Responses

  1. Seven in a row
    It didn’t have to be close
    Where was play action?

  2. At times that was just single option. How many yards did our SBs get? And where was the PA pass?

    What was the point in leaving us in 2nd and 9+??? And 3rd and 7+?

    Some of the D though was outstanding. You would back them to do anything today. Reminders of Vela @ Notre Dame on that 4th and 1 forced fumble.

  3. Air Force offense worse.
    Buckley was Bullen-like clutch.
    Roughing the passer … NOT!

  4. Phantom roughing call.
    Like Cartman I want to
    lick salty tears.

  5. I cannot wait for
    Mike’s weekly game analysis
    Game tape will be nuts

  6. always fun to win,
    air force effective win streak
    continues unfazed

  7. seven in the books
    the eighth will be no problem
    with combat COACH Ben

  8. Babatunde said:
    “There’s a new sheriff in town.”
    Law and order reigned.

  9. Air Force offense worse.
    Buckley was Bullen-like clutch.
    Roughing passer … NOT!

  10. None in the nation
    Knows better than Navy fans
    Rules of overtime

  11. I am done with them
    Get rid of the C.I.C.
    Air Force is dirty

  12. Awesome atmosphere
    Navy D was a brick wall
    These close ones kill me.

  13. So I’ll roil the pot.
    Fullback stuffed; is Dobbs reading
    Or guessing again?

  14. Wyatt Middleton
    Player of the game, if not
    for Buckley’s clutch kicks.

  15. I love these haiku
    threads. It’s fun trying to think
    of good ones to write.

  16. It didn’t have to be this close….

  17. A close game indeed
    Navy still came out on top
    Tough luck, AFA.

  18. Seven in a row.
    Not even a phantom call
    could help Air Force win.

  19. Midshipman Buckley,
    I am sorry I ever
    doubted you. Thank you.

  20. no option here
    I fear Dobbs and
    Irvin guessing wrong

  21. Loudest I have heard
    Navy Marine Corps in a
    looooong time. What a blast!

  22. “Fans” on message boards
    Used to call for Coach Green’s head.
    Where are those “fans” now??

  23. We need to fire the OC now!

  24. Garland was a beast,
    but our defense came to play!
    Go Navy! 8 straight!

  25. SaltySam-

  26. i wish i ah seen
    i’m really liking the d
    o needs to make plays

  27. that should say HAD seen on the first line.

  28. Overtime again
    Shotgun a beer and charge the

  29. Up the middle up
    the middle up the middle
    Win the C. I. C.?

  30. wow, we won again!
    Niumatololo is
    just six syllables

  31. up the middle oh…
    was that tranquil that i saw
    prowling the O booth?

    props to Ken for the memory jog

  32. Air Force football team
    reminds me of Miami
    only dirtier

  33. JoeDawg54, I agree. And their uniforms are nearly as ugly.

  34. Quadruple option?
    reduced to one by Air Force
    thank God for defense

  35. Second down and nine
    second down and nine again
    second down and nine

  36. Second down and nine
    second down and nine again
    all together now . . .

  37. who sat next to me?
    Cried on third and long.

  38. Both Defenses played very well….I wish we would have loosened them up a little with our passing game. I guess IJ and KN were scared to throw into AF’s strength… still glad to have the W.

  39. From my Aussie cousin in town – “Buckley’s Chance”
    Means, of course, ‘no chance in the world’, or about the same chance a snowball would have of keeping its cool in hell. The phrase is commonly (both earlier and nowadays) shortened to “Buckley’s.” Due to the “coriolis effect”..”Buckley”, for Navy, has taken on a most reverend meaning in our family

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