37 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 24

  1. seafox

    TV announcing crew said “This (Navy’s) is an an ‘ancient’ offense.”

    63 points later…many scored with 2nd, 3rd even 4th on the depth chart players on the field, ancient was no longer used to describe the TO!

  2. tman

    Bob Davie (ND fame?) said that he would come back to coaching if he found an AD brave enough to let him install the TO. He was doing color for the GT vs FlSt. Not a ringing endorsement but reflects the attitude of all. PJ will need to win the national championship before it is not classified as a gimic.

  3. Formerly Anonymous

    The CSTV commentators were awful again. And David Feherty was way out of his element. Way too much chatter and nonsense from all of them. Why can’t they just concentrate on the game and the players and not be so self-absorbed?

  4. Formerly Anonymous

    I think he should stick to golf and waking up missing half his mustache and having a ham sandwich stuck to his face. The interviews were painful. It was obvious that Pospisil’s father was uncomfortable and would have preferred watching the game. Just like a 16-13 OT victory, it'”s a “W” and we don’t get many blowouts to savor. It was also nice to see so many Mids get some PT.

  5. old salt

    Why does anyone bother to listen to the “talking heads” ?? I watch in game in the “mute” mode so I can concentrate on what I’m watching.

  6. newt91

    “The CSTV commentators were awful again. And David Feherty was way out of his element. ”

    would you prefer the “Mid on the sideline” routine like the Army games? those are just painful and embarrassing to watch.

  7. jgish92

    I thought Akbhar Gsodigfn Bialsdfm was tough to listen to, but really, the game was over so early, it’s gotta be tough to fill the time. I’m just so happy these games are on TV that I really don’t care if the announcers aren’t spectacular. How quickly we all forget. Feherty was fine. Hard to blast a guy whose heart is in the right place regarding our troops. Well, hard for me, at least, to blast him.

  8. jgish92

    We have the best TV deal this side of Notre Dame. This season, and the last couple, there have been a total of maybe 4 games that weren’t or won’t be televised. I’ll take that deal any time, regardless of the announcers. And I agree – please no midshipmen sideline reporters.

  9. Formerly Anonymous

    I like the mute idea. I would prefer no sideline reporter at all. And, yes, our TV deal is sweet and Feherty’s heart is in the right place. It’s refreshing in this day and age. I just hate to ask why Feherty’s relative was smuggling sheep into Ireland.

  10. Roger Betts

    The way to enjoy the CSTV games broadcasts is to mute the TV sound and tune in to WNAV with your computer. Omar Nelson and John Fienstein provide much more interesting and informative commentary than the self centered blithering CSTV commentators.
    Unfortunately, Commentator blather is becoming endemic on all TV channels. TV moguls ought to understand that we tune in to watch the game not listen to exjocks chatter

  11. tphuey

    The color commentator (won’t attempt to get his name right) was more interested in showing off his expertise on kinesiology and human anatomy than football. I get the same stuff with my daughter, the athletic trainer.

  12. Goebs

    Akbar was awful. Talking about this bone connecting to that bone – then saying, “Don’t want to get too philosophical with you.” Are you kidding me? Then he broke out the worst line I’ve ever heard: “As the great boxer Duran Duran once said, “No Mas!”” Comedy relief if nothing else.

    I enjoyed Feherty though…tried too hard a couple times, but was enjoyable overall.

  13. 89inthehouse

    Roger has the right idea on turning down the broadcast and listening to WNAV. Only issue I have is the timing always seems to lag a bit. I can’t ever get them to line-up properly.

    Nevertheless WNAV announcers (while homers a bit) have more intelligent things to say overall, and are less worried about sounding self important. Feinstein is always terrific!

    One change though– I would like to start a groundswell to replace Omar with Mike. While Omar does a good job as a former player, I think the analysis Mike could bring would completely change the understanding of the game, the commentary, and game experience. Mike’s “view” of the game is better, and he has an uncanny ability to break down what is happening into an easily digestible format. I think the results would be favorable. Heck, even keep Omar and just add Mike! The back and forth between them could be excellent!

    Who’s with me? Let’s petition NAAA and WNAV to get Mike on the air!! Let’s finally get someone who understands the TO to put our game play in perspective, and stop all the typical blather we all are suffering through!! Maybe even some of the people who are ignorantly armchair-ing it, would become less ignorant. Is that too far a stretch??

    At least, this is how I see it…


  14. usmc53

    I’m with jgish92. I’ll be moving to SD during this offseason, so my days of spending every home game in NMCMS are almost long gone. The fact that so many of our games are (and will continue to be) televised is HUGE. Who cares who’s calling the game? Most of us who read this blog are familiar enough with Navy’s system that we don’t need someone in the booth to tell us what’s going on; plus, we can log onto the Birddog to get the all-star breakdown 72 hours after the ballgame.

    Chet is the man. He has gotten us some incredible TV coverage. As long as I can see it, I’m not going to complain about who I have to listen to in the booth.

    Go Navy!

  15. chbags

    I am just now checking in here and I see someone has bad words for my boy David Feherty — YGBSM

    and yes Mike, there were great seats available — best part of a Rice game is sitting 4 feet behind the benches .. BTW: Mike, did “voice” send the shout out to you I suggested?

  16. EightyFiver

    Feinstein is OK; that’s as far as it goes. (Maybe I just get tired of his bringing politics into his sports writing.) Would take any comment from Omar over anything Feinstein has to say.

  17. 150Punts

    Feherty was really great to see/hear on TV. How his eyes didn’t water telling the Troops First story is a mystery to me…that really hit home. And to think he’s giving up his citizenship to become an American, just awesome.

    And, hells yeah Omar rules. When he gets excited I can just picture him high-stepping through the pressbox p-ways.

  18. usmc53

    If you watch the game on TV and listen to the WNAV guys on the computer, is there a lag? Is the radio play-by-play several seconds behind the video?

  19. tphuey

    53, I didn’t notice any lag. But if the picture is ahead of the video and you are DVRing the game, you can always pause the TV for a sec.

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