33 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 25

  1. KoutetsuKaigun

    By the way, what the hell is a battleship carrier? For that matter was anyone able to make sense of most of what the announcers said?

  2. NavyHoldi99

    The only thing worse than our first half was having to listen to the announcers all game long. Battleship Carrier…that cracked me up almost as much as his “euphemism” comment.

  3. Nicole

    Field goal wins the game
    Navy takes the Gansz trophy
    Season is complete?

    The entire broadcast team for this game was a bunch of rookies – flat out awful. At least Navy got the W.

  4. KoutetsuKaigun

    Navy is now 5-2 overall in overtime and have won 5 straight. The win streak started with Pitt in 2007 and was quickly followed by the triple overtime greatness of the win over Notre Dame. I like this trend.

  5. lol dot & nicole.

    for those wondering why ivin kept running up the middle against af, this is why. smu did the same thing, and vince murray had a career day.

  6. That was some of the worst play-by-play announcing ever… “Battleship carrier”? A sloppy game with a nice outcome. Surely, Coach Ken will have a word or two with the team.

  7. rob

    The going for it on fourth down fake only worked because the coaches changed the play after they read my comment about how old and well known their previous fake going for it play was.

    Your Welcome.

  8. usmc53

    I apologize
    For starting the “chili” talk.
    But chili is YUM!

    I love Ricky Dobbs.
    Bad first half, great second half,
    Shows true character.

    Enjoyed the “chat” during
    A great day of college ‘ball.
    Go Navy Beat Wake!

  9. 89inthehouse

    Well, I am out of the prognostication business!! Gee whiz! I missed the game–on the road with kids.

    Got text updates, and good grief could I have not been more wrong. I hafta love a team that finds a way to win! It shows good coaching, good captains, and overall good leadership! They know that as a team, some group or individual will step-up and find a way.

    Proud of the guys. Some more tough ones coming. Sure hope there’s some left in the tank!!


  10. EKWJR

    “…for those wondering why ivin kept running up the middle against af, this is why. smu did the same thing, and vince murray had a career day.”

    I was not wondering, and not being the football analytical wizard you are, I must admit that the AF game looked that way to me while I was watching it real time from NMCS – that AF was playing high risk up the middle. AF, filling all the gaps, was daring Navy to bust one, which we could not.

    It also looked immediately on TV Saturday night like SMU was playing the same way on D.

    Whether it was SMU just did not have the talent, or whether Navy (O Line, Fullback) learned from the AF game, don’t know. Or maybe both.

    But I expect your post-game analysis will fill us dumbies in.

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