Postgame Haiku, Vol. 26

As the saying goes,
Defense wins championships…
And beats Wake Forest.


25 Responses

  1. Murray is a beast
    Teich got us some yards also
    Defense good enough

  2. Proctor leads the O
    Defense stubborn against Wake
    Buckley is money

  3. Holy crap the rain
    beautiful for tailgating
    then dumping all game

    great win. eff that personal foul. much closer than it could have been. a win is a win is a win. 1 more to go bowling!

  4. rain rain go away
    wait a minute not today
    take away their pass

  5. /////////////////////// soaked all
    Proctor and all answered the call
    Buckley better than gold

  6. Tough D, Buckley great.
    Proctor Solid in first start.
    Gotta love that win!

  7. Great win, considering we were missing Dobbs, Shupp, Curry, and Lark on O. Also lost Edwards and Vela for huge chunks of the game.

    I love our depth. Great job Navy coaching staff!

  8. A soggy back-up;
    why bother trying to throw?
    It worked great last time!

  9. Great Navy win, but
    No ESPN highlights
    A total buzz kill.

  10. So what. Lowest score
    Since Rutger’s in ninety-six.
    Go for win, not style.

  11. A huge win and yet
    Only 10 people respond
    Is it worth the time?

  12. What is this haiku
    I do not think it means what
    you may think it means

    Navy heads towards
    A fifth straight team rushing crown
    Or perhaps trenchfoot.

  13. Navy owned the field.
    Wake Forest was fortunate
    to lose by just three.

  14. No Wake holding calls
    Navy’s overwhelming runs
    Wet win smells like Bowl

  15. Big Mental Toughness
    Thank you Buddy Thank you Ken
    Here we come again

  16. Couldn’t watch the game
    It wasn’t on the tv
    any suggestions?

    anyone know where I could watch a replay or download the game online?

  17. CBS College Sports plans to reshow it Monday 6pm eastern

  18. And with the chunk of the second quarter that was wiped out during the live broadcast, too.

  19. Even in the storm
    The kickers kicked
    And NAVY WINS!

  20. Hats off again to the defense. Thanks for the heads up on the replay with the entire second quarter yet. Music to my ears.

  21. Navy fans crave football
    Throughout each week all season.
    Post your wisdom soon!

  22. precipitation
    plus second string quarterback
    yields but runs, again

  23. Big win for Navy
    But I violated the
    The prime directive

  24. Big win for Navy
    But I still violated
    The prime directive

  25. Poetic license
    I would have given to you
    Salty, Go Navy

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