25 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 26

  1. GoalieLax

    Holy crap the rain
    beautiful for tailgating
    then dumping all game

    great win. eff that personal foul. much closer than it could have been. a win is a win is a win. 1 more to go bowling!

  2. tphuey

    Great win, considering we were missing Dobbs, Shupp, Curry, and Lark on O. Also lost Edwards and Vela for huge chunks of the game.

    I love our depth. Great job Navy coaching staff!

  3. Stephen

    What is this haiku
    I do not think it means what
    you may think it means

    Navy heads towards
    A fifth straight team rushing crown
    Or perhaps trenchfoot.

  4. mason

    Couldn’t watch the game
    It wasn’t on the tv
    any suggestions?

    anyone know where I could watch a replay or download the game online?

  5. Formerly Anonymous

    Hats off again to the defense. Thanks for the heads up on the replay with the entire second quarter yet. Music to my ears.

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