67 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 30

  1. macattak2003

    Navy wastes timeouts
    Defense looks really confused.
    That was plain awful!

    Vacation goes bad
    Hope the team enjoyed the beach
    Or trip complete waste

  2. Roger Betts

    I put the blame for this defeat on Chet Gladchuck. Idiotic to schedule Hawaii this late in the season. The long trip and change of climate had their effect on the team. Note Hawaii’s record for home games in November – there’s a good reason for it. Gladchuck and Navy should have known better. Army will have three weeks to prepare – we have less than two.

  3. M


    all signs pointed to this. don’t blame coaching staff. don’t blame chet. the boys hand a hand in this…they played like shit. its true…I was in SB (where they did not play like shit)….I did not recognize these guys… disappointing…they had a chance to make a mark. they fucked up. they will live it. beat army.

  4. Hubie01

    Chet Gladchuck’s fault? What? Did I read that correctly? Do we need to send you back to the days before Chet??

    Mike, looking forward to your breakdown of the breakdown!

  5. EightyFiver

    I’ve gotten used to seeing our D come out and make stops. They seemed flat and disoriented last night.

    Their D got into the backfield a bit; nothing seemed to work.

    Looking forward to the breakdown, painful as it will be to watch.

    Damn Chet! Now he scheduled ARMY for the LAST REGULAR SEASON GAME–in PHILLY, no less. Doesn’t he know how tough they are this time of year, particularly in cold weather on the east coast? He should have lined them up to play out on Hospital Point in late August! (Does any sane person really want to go back to the B.C.–before Chet–years?)

  6. Tom Rychlik '79

    Was in the stadium to see the Mids lose to OSU and Temple and watched them lose to Pitt and Hawaii on TV. It was easier to see the fire in their belly live so I’d hate to misjudge them from 8000 miles. I didn’t really see it last night until the defense stopped Hawaii in the fourth quarter. They had it in all their wins too. The clock management on the final drive and frequently during the game was similar to what we have seen several other times… poor. I understand they didn’t want to score too early but to take 25-40 seconds to run a play during the first part of the drive and then run out of time at the end is a quarterback/coach problem. No time outs left because we need to use them to keep from incurring delay of game penalties! It would seem to me that we really need to work on consistently getting the play called & sent in, huddle broke, team set, and the play started in a lot less then 25 seconds. If Ricky needs to eat clock he can do it at the line of scrimmage. (He obviously also needs a little time to look over the defense in case he needs to audible.) During the two minute drill taking the time to shuttle the play in with a slot just takes too long!

    Army is going to be as motivated (and probably more) than Hawaii was to get their 6th win. Whatever was missing this week better be there in two weeks!

  7. armchairsailor79

    Ooops. I inadvertantly stumbled into the Notre Dame/Air Force whiners site by mistake. All we need now is a Sean-esque Youtube video. Does a Hawaii team desperately trying to get bowl eligible get no credit? While old and senile, I still remember 1-10, 0-10, 2-10 back to back to back. And before you go there, PJ had a bigger hiccup with more on the line against Georgia last night than Navy did. This is a great team that has given us a lot of great Saturday afternoons. I will forgive a team for Temple and Hawaii that gave us Air Force, Wake and ND.

  8. 90

    ouch! that one hurt
    may anger-fueled death ray
    smoke mule carcass

    ran like oatmeal
    was jet lag the culprit or
    3-3 defense?

    Mike’s fault: Game Week?!?!?!
    Ken Niumatalolo
    needed the gouge

    peaceful snow falls
    may Badgers vanquish Rainbow
    bowl dreams next week

    fans of triple,
    pass gun cabinet for one with
    liquor instead

    would rather sleep
    than bad Haiku wander through
    brain all night long

  9. usmc53

    Do you also fault Chet for his idiocy in scheduling Ohio State to start the season?

    He gives our guys a reasonable schedule that has some challenges on it. Nothing wrong with challenging a bunch of guys who are about to become commissioned officers.

  10. Dave'69

    Give credit to Hawaii. They played against us like we did against Notre Dame. Tough one for us to lose but they earned the win.
    Beat Army!

  11. 90

    Blame Chet? Oh, I long for the years of “yank the Tranq” and “little elliot lose-a-lot”.
    This game got moved to accomodate OSU, anyone know when it was to originally occur?
    If you want to blame the climate, do you recommend a policy of declining all bowl bids south of say, Detroit?

  12. Navy72

    Turning point of game came when Navy scored near end of first half and then allowed Hawaii to go length of field in just over a minute and tie the game. Ouch.

    Give Hawaii credit. The played with great intensity and toughness on defense. Suspect that Navy figured that they would run all over Hawaii because of Hawaii’s porous rush defense going into the game. It was seems to me that Hawaii defense was playing with chip on their shoulder and wanted to make a point. Boy, did they.

    This is repeat of Temple game. Navy scores near end of first half, and Temple returns ensuing kickoff and takes the lead.

    Hate to lose, but maybe the B&G needed a little wake-up call prior to Arm.

  13. The Mad Island Cat

    Geez… never seen a bigger bunch of whinners. I hope you bunch (for the most part) don’t represent the bulk of our Armed Forces. Simply put, Navy ran it’s offense against a Hawaii defense that was ready… Hawaii ran it’s offense against a Navy defense that was not (and probably would of never been with the personnel it has on the squad). Navy could only attempt to prevent the deep passing threat, and play the short passing game soft. Hawaii was able to exploit that for yardage and clock. Lesson learned – the Academies will ALWAYS be at a disadvantage against the other Div1 teams; the only real advantage they tend to hold is with individual and team discipline. Hawaii D’ had to match that with extreme discipline on it’s own. Matching up physically against an Academy team is fairly easy (for any Div1 team)… matching up mentally is another matter. Remember too that the triple option offense Navy runs had a good part of it’s history back in the Islands – with Bob Wagner and Paul Johnson (Coach Ken’s mentor). I remember those years as one’s where Hawaii pretty much sat on top of the ground yardage stats year in and year out. So chin up… at least the team got to see what it’s liked to get “WAC’d”!!!

  14. rob_a

    i wasn’t able to watch the game, but if i went by what was said here, i’d say they looked terrible. teams get beat. hats off to hawaii. i was expecting navy to run all over them, but it just didnt happen. the game is over. i cant believe i’ve read that chet is to blame. i’m not even going to respond to that. i’d say that this just comes down to hawaii making more plays than navy did. keep in mind though that there are many teams who would love to be 8-4 right now and headed to a bowl game. the team goals are still within reach. bring on army!

  15. SaltySam98

    It’s always nice to hear Hawaii fans running smack on other schools. They won by 7 and you’d think that they won by 21 based on that missive.

  16. DJ

    I come to the blog to read about football and learn about the triple option, and I expect to hear bellyaching about officiating, blown coverages, or questionable playcalls when Navy loses. But to blame an athletic director when a team loses to comparable foe? That is just ignorant.

    Chet found a way to schedule a 13th game sandwiched between bye weeks. He also scheduled a New Year’s eve bowl game on ESPN. Chet is playing with so much house money that he should never be blamed for our guys laying the occasional egg.

  17. SaltySam98

    Not Chet’s fault. I’m sure a number of factors played into us laying this stinky egg. I trust Mike TBD will lay out the most significant ones for us. Sometimes, we just don’t play as well as the other team. Saturday was one of those times. But from now on I want Towson instead of Hawaii when we have such a scheduling dilemma.


  18. wtdoor

    I put the blame for this defeat on Roger Betts. Why, you ask? Why not, says I. I also blame Admiral Nimitz, Chesty Puller, Heinz Lenz, and John Paul Jones. Truly — these men are just as much at fault as Chet Gladchuck.

  19. It’s Gladchuk not Gladchuck folks. We should know how to spell the name of the best AD in college sports. I’m sure Mike will have a good breakdown of the game – I’m interested to see who CG forgot to block. I’m thinking Matt Molloy’s absence MAY have had a bigger impact…just a guess. Looking forward (sort of) to the game review here…as much as you can look forward to a review of what probably was our worst game of the year.

  20. kevin

    I thought the offense played decently after the 1st quarter. They did rack up near our 282 ypg running avg. I was dissapointed with the play calling, specifically with the play reaching the huddle slowly and not allowing Dobbs to audible in time. Usually the huddle is broken and they are at the line with 10-12 seconds thus allowing audibles to be made. I hate zone coverage! I’m no expert like Mike but it seems we always get rocked when playing zone. If we only rush 3 I would rather see man with deep help and maybe a spy. Special teams killed us saturday, that 1 minute drive at the end of the first half turned the game. Officiating was a little bad, I saw at least 2 obvious holding calls but we didn’t lose because of them, we lost because of poor D and special teams, and average offense.

  21. SaltySam98


    Special Teams coverage was horrendous. I agree that the TD at the end of the 1st half was an enormous let down. It seems like ST has been an issue this season. Maybe I’m wrong, but it just seems like our return yardage and our kickoff coverage suck. I can’t really be upset with Delahooke and Buckley though.

  22. EKWJR

    2 of 4 of Navy’s losses this year included a very damaging kickoff return: Temple and Hawaii.

    I also think many of us underestimated the value of momentum and the improvement vector that Hawaii has been on….I think that Nevada only got 312 on the ground against them in a 31-21 Nevada victory – and that was several weeks ago.

    It will be interesting to see how Hawaii matches up against a beefy Big Ten team. Navy does not have the size to slug it out with most non-SA opponents. We sure as heck got our butts kicked in the trenches last Saturday night / Sunday morning….

    Nothing quite like hitting the bunk at 2 AM pissed off…

  23. Hardcore24

    We didn’t do ourselves any real favors on the side-lines, or up in the coach’s box either EKWJR.

    UH has historically done well against those Big-10 teams late in the season (out in Hawai`i), … who tend not to come in focused/motivated.

    Warriors are built for speed/quickness on both sides of the ball, … and their “Local/Samoan-bred” linemen tend to be huge. Aloha Stadium favors that quickness.

    Beat Army!!!

  24. kevin

    I’m going to jump on the band wagon and blame Mike. No game preview!?!?!? How were the Navy players supposed to know what to expect from the Hawaii team? They went into that game blind.

  25. Stork

    At least you got to see the game…we had a huge windstorm and lost power and TV. Does anyone know of a link or spot I can view the game at this late date?

  26. seafox

    Was down on the field, and the crowd noise was deafening, especially at the end. Hawaii fans really knew how to apply the “12th Man” advantage when NAVY had the ball. And this wasn’t the Horseshoe or South Bend, this was a not totally full Aloha Stadium. Field position really seemed to be a factor, the Mid’s were constantly starting from inside the 5 or 10 yard line. Hawaii’s QB Munoz (the backup who was injured but returned for this game) seemed to have a career day, as does everybody who passes against USNA. Up close, there appeared to be a lot of missed ‘finger tackles” where, after a pass, the defender tried tackling up high and the receiver seemed to run right through it. Will have to watch the DVR playback in slow-mo to see if it looks that obvious from the camera perspective. By the way, for those of you who have never been out on the surface of Aloha Stadium, it feels like you are walking on marshmallows! Prior to the ’99 game in Hawai’i, Jack Langyall told me “We will never do this again. It’s just too long a trip out here.” Talked to Mr. Gladchuk the night before this year’s game, and he voiced no similar sentiments. I wanted to personally thank Chuck for moving the game from Sept. to late November (making room for Ohio State), AND for what he has done to get us on TV almost every single game. Terribly disappointed in the outcome, but have a great pic on Waikiki Beach with the Cheerleaders practicing their routines in bikinis, to remind me of NAVY’s 2009 trip to play Hawaii. Beat Army!

  27. Stephen

    “bring the C-I-C home”??? Was it stolen? Even if the Forces of Darkness win, it stays in the Rotunda because the Zoomies beat tha’ Donks.

    My local paper is saying it’s A&M New Year’s Eve, but the bowl officially says the decision will be on Sunday. Did the wire services jump the gun, or is the bowl trying to be coy? Mike?

    [In other news, I see whereas Big Sean is in a bit of a feud with some Spartan fans.

    Big Sean!]

  28. Stephen

    Okay, that looks lamer posted than I’d thought … have you considered checking out Big Sean’s YouTube channel [Bigseanpower10]?

    Desperate times call for desperate measures…

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