71 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 31

  1. The Paws

    No, clock management fortunately didn’t become an issue in this game but it was clear that KN still has a penchant for wasting time outs. He did it early in the 1st qtr after that worn out attempt to draw Army offside, and then late in the 4th he stopped the clock for Army rather than just snapping for the punt with a couple of seconds on the play clock. To me, those are elements of lousy clock management. Worse, he’s done it many times this year. It’s only a matter of time (no pun intended) until it really costs.

  2. laxdog

    clock mgmt, play selection, hurryup, attempted 2 min drill this wk – all very encouraging, still gotta execute.

    60:00 like today’s last 30:00 & they’ll give inconsistent Mizzou a game.

    back on the tracks again.

  3. Navy72

    Paws needs to pause and find his brain. Clock management had as much to do with the outcome of this game as crop management in Afghanistan.

    Had great seats at Linc. Watched game. Hard fought contest. Army’s lack of speed very obvious. Army’s defensive line’s domination of Navy’s offensive line also obvious in first half. Navy clearly made some adjustments at half time which allowed Navy to move ball much better in second half.

    Big play Bobby Doyle made one of key plays of game when he caught pass which took Navy from 3rd and long to first down and allowed drive to continue toward TD.

    Loved to see Ram Vela get another 4th quarter interception for the second year in a row against Army.

    Give Army credit. They made it as close a game as they possibly could have considering the yawning gap between the teams’ respective talent levels.

  4. Tom Rychlik '79

    No one deserves to be called an idiot for a comment on this or any blog!!!

    The clock management didn’t have the same impact as it did in other close games like Hawaii and Temple but it is correct to point out that we had to burn those TO’s. Does anyone really think that we aren’t going to need to get better in this aspect of the game in order to win close games? We’ll always be undersized and talent limited but we overcome that with determination, a unique offense, and overall efficiency. Getting better with Clock management is something we should be able to do.

  5. Section 130

    Dan, I hope every member of the Missouri football team feels precisely as you do. If it were already settled there’d be no reason to play the game. Let’s see which Navy team shows up in Houston.

  6. Stephen

    You know there’s a sneaky gadget play they can run out of the triangle formation that I suspect KN would’ve uncorked it was the game closer…

  7. DJ

    Because I was at the game and replays were scarce, can someone give me an unbiased opinion on the two holding penalties that negated to the two big first half pass plays?

  8. arky

    I was traveling during the second half and the only broadcast I could find was the Army radio broadcast . It was hard to figure out what Navy did in the 3rd Q. Any significant offensive adjustments? Or just better blocking and execution?

  9. seafox

    On the way to watch the telecast with the rest of the Army & NAVY alumni, i was actually surprised to find the radio broadcasts of each school’s networks was being carried live on XM Satellite Radio (normally only Sirius carries them). Unfortunately, the Army pre-game show was on at least half-an-hour before kickoff, the NAVY pre-game show just minutes prior.
    As to the game, did Army’s kicking game (punting and field goals) appear as bad to everyone else as it did to me? Must have been the pressure of the moment. Buckley was money, again!

  10. tom, idiots deserve to be called idiots. and if you’re complaining about clock management in that game, you’re an idiot. sorry. those who disagree are highly encouraged to stop posting. talking about stupid crap is just getting very, very old.

    DJ, one of the holds was definitely legit. i couldn’t tell about the other one.

  11. EightyFiver

    I bristle at Holz
    Calling O “gimmick,” I see
    None but uniforms

    Why, oh why does Navy do this? These uniforms were worse than last years.
    Yes, I like the anchor on one sleeve and globe on the other, but do we really need these goofy color schemes? What’s wrong with the classic color scheme?
    Bring back the throwbacks we saw earlier in the year or don’t change them at all. With the constant uniform changes, we’re starting to look like the White Sox of the 70s & 80s.

  12. EightyFiver

    Game comment–I can’t put my finger on what halftime adjustments Navy made (Mike is sure to let us know), but I’m often amazed at how the coaching staff cracks the code and makes the necessary changes. Yes, it helps when execution improves and we stop making penalties, but I think there was something more than that.
    Great second half!

  13. Section 130

    Dan, you’d have to ask Golden Tate. Alexander will be a star on Sundays, but we’ll see how it plays out on both sides of the ball in Houston.

  14. B03

    Woops play good D, but
    Navy stuffs their Alley Oop
    Good times in Philly

    Coach Ken’s fourth straight in
    games that count the most and some
    Talk timeouts … TIMEOUTS??????

  15. Hardcore24

    Comeon Rugger, … Penalties & turnovers are part of the equation of any game (and they impacted both teams this game), … so ya can’t just say that was the reason this game was somewhat in doubt. Army’s fumble gave us that “two-score” margin, thus dictating their strategy the remainder of the contest. Discount their two missed FG’s + squadering of that possession inside the Navy 10 (due to failure to execute the “alley-oop” play) makes this a one-possession nail-biter till the final gun.
    Timing of his post was way off, … but The Paws stated a continuing concern about KN’s “puzzeling” clock & TO management. There have been way many more postings that more truly deserve the “idiot” label, … imo. But it’s not my blog.
    Whatever financial “benny”, or alleged appeal to recruiting it brings to the NAAA, … those uniforms were atrocious. I thought this was the “greatest rivalry in college sports” steeped in tradition … Not a poorly color coordinated fashion show.

    Go Navy … Beat MIZZOU!!!

  16. kevin

    I like that Mizzou thinks they will blow us out after watching a rivalvry game. This year Navy plays up and down to its competition.

  17. pipehunter

    I do not agree that the hold on Douglas was correct. Of course I am biased, but I watched the game with Douglas and Ricky yesterday, and neither of them thought it was a hold, and we watched it three times. So this morning I watched it three more times, in slo mo. If you look at Eric’s hands, his finger appear to be half clenched.
    Eric’s explanation was that as Gann was going by him, he shoved him in the hip.
    The hold called on Bass looked like a tackle to me.

  18. EKWJR

    replays looked like Douglas got himself in a gray zone at the very least, and the official who threw the flag was not the least bit heistant about it…looked to me like Douglas had been beaten on the the play…

  19. Stephen

    hardcore — go to bed with Nike, wake up with those stupid uniforms. IMHO, if they want to work in the “blood stripe”, do it down the legs f’r cryin’ out loud.

    My devoutest wish:
    The trap game of all trap games
    soon befalls Mizzou.

  20. Hardcore24

    What was I complaining about TBD??? –> Just commenting on a few of the posts, and contributing my opinion.
    Navyrugger is “Fast Attack Tuff”, … so I’m sure he can take the push-back.
    Sorry someone pissed in your bowl of cornflakes this morning.

    Stephen –> “go to bed with Nike” … I confused??? wtf???

    Beat Mizzou!!!

  21. Navyrugger

    24 you are right about penalties and turnovers being part of the game. That was a justified bust. I was focused on our penalties – the two holdings and the block in the back – that cost us over 100 yards total offense. All passing yards, too. Gotta say I thought the penalties were all the right call, though.

  22. Hardcore24

    I think that what made the penalties and turn-overs more “damning” is that NORMALLY neither of those two are a problem with Navy (in the current “era”), … but in this game it had a compound effect.

    Go Navy!!!

  23. GoatParent

    Too much whining for a great win.
    D was awesome.
    Great catch by Curry.
    Bummer on the holding penalties because it took momentum from what could have been a break out awesome passing day for RD. Those balls were right on the money and Henderson”s was a work of art.
    9-4 great accomplishment. The program has come a long way because now Navy has to win with “style points” against their rival!
    Mizzou will have their hands full and Coach Ken is probably on a slow boil to get his first bowl win.

  24. mutigr92

    Can’t figure out if dan is an old-fart antagonist or a pita MU fan.

    I don’t think after our big dish of humble pie courtesy of Baylor that Gary Pinkel will overlook anyone. This staff has actually done well in bowl game prep.

    I do like Alexander’s chances for another big day. Better Ds than the Mids have gotten lit up by him.

    While our run D is strong sticking to assignments against the triple option will be a chore for our DBs. With the big cushion our DBs provide you may discover a short passing game to mix things up…

    Glad to see the win over Army. Beating kansas eight times in a row would just make me want it all the more.

  25. Jimbear NJ

    No shame in OL struggling with Army’s front 7. They’re pretty darn good and really cover up for the pedestrian speed in the secondary with theit scheme and pressure. After their best DB Travis went out early Army’s lack of speed in secondary was even more apparent.

    Watching the replay they were both holding calls. On RD’s great throw to Henderson that was called back, Douglas hooked Gann in backfield after he was by him. That is ALWAYS called holding.

  26. dan

    I like the confidence of your fans. That’s alot more than i can say for my fellow mizzou fans; however, we did not make any change to our prediction of the outcome based on your game against army. that game meant nothing to us. gary pinkel get his players ready for each bowl game; he trounced arkansas 38-7 two years ago and managed to hold on against northwestern last year with the worst passing defense in the nation. For those of you who think this is a trap game think again. The only way to defeat missouri is to keep them from scoring and the odds don’t favor navy in that battle.

  27. Stephen

    hardcore — As part of their contract with Nike, Army and Navy display Nike’s new “Enforcer” uniforms during the Game. And of course Nike designers have to “express themselves”. Maybe Nike is a major revenue stream for NAAA, maybe they’re not, but to get their money, our young men are saddled with … well you saw what they were saddled with. (All of this presumes you’ve heard the expression “go to bed with the dogs, wake up with fleas”).

    Word to Mizzou lurker(s): if someone is posting all over your Mizzou board(s), they’re probably KU trolls pretending to be from Navy. You may now return to your own sandbox(es). Have a nice day.

    [The opinions of Stephen are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Birddog, his blog, the United States Navy, the NAAA, or the Weather Bureau. They almost certainly do not reflect those of Nike.]

  28. ThePaws

    Yes, the timing of my comment re KN’s clock management could have been better. But I did clarify in my second post that I was not claiming this had any effect on the Army game, just that it showed that he is still wasting timeouts. This is something that could bite us in the butt one day. Some of you read that second post and understood; others either missed it or chose to keep their blinders on.

    Mike, from your post responding to Tom’79— “talking about stupid crap is just getting very, very old.” I agree. About half this thread is about uniform design

  29. frigate

    Before you go dismissing those who see something you don’t or choose to ignore, go back and read your initial Haiku: “I doubt anyone at Missouri is too scared. . .” Obviously, you, too, felt there were a number of things that weren’t working right — first half and second. Let’s start with the lack of offensive production which dropped dramatically this year in both the game and the season (off 76 yards average from 2007), move to a growing trend of three and outs (count the growing number of punts over the past three-four seasons) and count the number of bad timeouts this season and last (that dirty phrase – managing the clock) that put us in a hole a game’s end. And, lastly 24 touchdowns can mask some basic problems that should be faced and corrected.

    To quote you once again – “I’ll take the win,” but let us not overlook the warning signs on the horizon. Keep in mind, next year we face five teams that this year are bowl bound and three that we helped keep out of bowls (Wake Forest, Notre Dame and Army). And, we will face those teams with an inexperienced defensive team. There are weaknesses that must addressed. We’ll have to control every minute of that game clock if we’re going to go bowling again in 2010.

    Go to it Mike. I’m ready to join your list of idiots.

  30. we are talking about the army game. clock management was completely irrelevant. simply calling a timeout with more than 2 minutes left in the half does not mean there was bad clock management or that a timeout is “wasted.” he complained about 1) trying to draw army offside, and 2) milking the clock in the 4th quarter by letting the playclock run down to 1 and calling timeout before punting. if you actually have a problem with that then you not only don’t watch very much football, but are indeed an idiot.

  31. Tom Rychlik '79

    Okay its taken me awhile to thaw out and to calm down. I, and I think several others, were not saying that the Clock Management during the A/N game was as bad as the Hawaii game. In fact I was simply pointing out that had it been a closer game we may still have a problem with it and that against a BCS opponent, like MU, it would help for it not to be an issue. Frigate’s last comments are right on. Same with ThePaws last comments.

    You can call me and others idiots on a blog, I think that says a lot about you. Especially when the majority of posts seem to be uniforms instead of what went right or wrong on Saturday. How about coming down to Section 2 Row 4 Seats 13-16 any time next season and we can discuss this mano to mano you little twerp!

  32. Not liking the uniforms doesn’t make you an idiot. That’s just a matter of taste. Complaining about clock management in the Army game, on the other hand, does make you an idiot. I’m sorry, there’s just no other way to put it. I’m not sure what that says about me other than that I’m sick of idiots. If this hurts your feelings, you should probably stop reading, or at least stop saying stupid things.

    Frigate’s comments couldn’t have been less “right on.” He’s obfuscating the clock management complaint by making a laundry list of other crap he wants to gripe about. That, and he’s comparing the offense to 2007, which just adds an extra layer of insanity. None of the offenses before 2007 would compare to it, either.

    If you’re complaining that Niumat “stopped the clock for Army” before punting, then you’re an idiot. That’s all there is to it. Threatening me doesn’t change that, by the way. Speaking of things that say a lot about us…

  33. Tom Rychlik '79

    Frigate, Thanks.

    How many times do I have to say that I wasn’t talking about CM during the Army Game? Paws made some comments on the subject and then you call him an idiot. Class act. I point out that this is not an officer-like (or probably in your case an ex-officer) way of addressing a fellow grad and I’m an idiot too.

    I can’t remember exactly which blog entry it was but a lot of folks that replied seemed to be pretty insulting in their comments to others. Since Officers and Gentleman (which most, if not all, of your readers once were) are called to:

    Take heed in your manner of speaking
    That the language ye use may be sound

    I pointed this out in the hope that the readers would consider softening the words they use against others. At the time it wasn’t necessarily meant as a shot at you but at the greater readership. However, you took it that way and reminded me that this was your blog. Fair enough.

    Officers aren’t pansies either. You call me an idiot on a blog or to my face its the same thing and you will get the same reaction. Instead tell me you disagree with me, and why with facts, that’s another. If you can’t tell the difference maybe you should take some time off.

    Lets talk about CM during the Hawaii game, which is when I first brought this up? How about during the Temple game? Serious Navy fans care about what they see are weaknesses (and pluses) of their team and I thought this was what this blog was about. Lets have a serious discussion on whether the team had problems with CM during those games instead of Army.

    I also wasn’t saying whether I liked the uniforms or not. I was saying that it seemed that the discussion on uniforms was overwhelming the other, more football oriented, discussion.

    None of us that went to the Naval Academy and see the honor and commitment of our school and our football team should ever resort to name calling.

  34. This post is about the Army game. ThePaws was talking about the Army game. My response to him was about the Army game. Only after all that are you and others trying to say “but, but, the rest of the year!” If you wanted to discuss those games, you should’ve done it on those posts, and not now as an attempt to save face after making stupid complaints about non-existent problems against Army.

    So now you’re not just an idiot, you’re a thin-skinned one. This is a blog, not a country club. I don’t give a rat’s ass what’s “officer-like” here. The anonymity of the internet allows for rank to be irrelevant. If you can’t take that, then don’t comment. The more you whine about manners, the closer you get to having that decision made for you.

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