If you’re wondering why in hell I haven’t posted the rest of the Army stuff, it’s because my TV– that glorious, high-definition life-blood of my college football viewing experience– is all jacked up. When I figure out a work-around, I’ll get back to work.

8 thoughts on “PANIC! ON THE BLOG

  1. Keith

    Mike – You don’t know me from Jack but I wanted to thank you for this great blog. I am just a long-time Navy fan (not a USNA grad) who bleeds Blue and Gold. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. PS – Don’t stress over this blog over the holidays. Remember, it is supposed to be fun! Go Navy – Beat Missouri!

  2. tphuey

    I ripped a version that you can watch on your iPhone, sans commercials. It’s 1.3 GB, so if you want it, maybe I can send it to you? You can also watch it in iTunes or on an iPod Touch.

  3. Armchairsailor79


    Merry Christmas and thank you for all your hard work on this blog. Having grown up in the South where college football is a religion, it is a treat to see someone look at the Blue and Gold in a serious analytic manner. I look forward to the Missouri postings.
    PS Seeing the “Notre Dame Sean” YouTube video is my season highlight. It still has me laughing! There is a federal judge I appear before who is a Golden Domer and even he cackled when I sent it to him.

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