It’s been a busy day. It doesn’t help that I have a very hard time sleeping the day before I travel, either, making me quite exhausted right now. But I thought I’d punch out a quick update before I surrender to the sweet relief of slumber.

I left Jacksonville at 7:50 this morning, and after a layover in Birmingham, arrived in Houston a little after noon. Navy’s practice was being held at the practice field behind Rice Stadium at 2:00, so after I got my car, I went straight there. Good thing, too; originally scheduled to run until 4:00, practice was actually a lot shorter. Short, but spirited. I saw a few former players in attendance, as well as several area high school coaches who took advantage of practice being open to the public. A few coaches from the Baylor staff were there as well, including defensive coordinator (and former Navy assistant) Brian Norwood, who is a very close friend of Coach Niumatalolo. Bill Wagner also made it after attending Missouri’s practice that morning. He came away very impressed with Mizzou’s size, and with the ability of several players, especially defensive end Aldon Smith. You can read his impressions on his blog, along with some notable quotes from both teams.

The teams attended a rodeo from 5-8 tonight, although I didn’t make it out there. A couple drinks to wrap up the evening, and that was it. Tomorrow will be just as busy; some work on the paying job in the morning, followed by the bowl luncheon, then practice again, topped off with the Rockets and the Hornets tomorrow night. Unfortunately, it’s supposed to rain, too. Prime swine flu-catching weather!



    lets hope they don’t get distracted as much as they did in Hawaii. I saw pictures of all the pregame recreational diversions the guys got into. It showed up on gameday!

  2. mcadwell

    Hello All:

    I just got home from 14 days on the road to find that my DVR recording of the Texas Bowl malfunctioned at the 1:34 mark of the 1st quarter, so I don’t have the game. Aaaaagggghhh. I was looking forward to seeing what actually happened. If anyone has the game recorded and would be willing to put it on some media (VHS or DVD) and send it to me, I am willing to pay for all shipping and media and any other costs. Please send me a message at or call me on my cell at 505.400.3406.


    Mike Cadwell ’86

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