Postgame Haiku, Vol. 32

Navy thirty-five,
Mizzou thirteen, and it was
Not even that close.

And bonus Haiku from Andy:

10 Wins This Season
Toughest Schedule in Ages
:Heart: Me Some Kenny


32 Responses

  1. as i said on facebook:

    “Love the fact that a 35-13 final score “really wasn’t as close as the final score indicated.” GO NAVY!!!”

  2. Three cheers for Buddy’s D
    Three cheers for Ricky
    And many more for Kenny

  3. doobie doobie doo
    we won a big freaking game
    doobie doo suck it

  4. Bellino’s revenge
    Ricky’s number 2 7
    Joe’s number 2 7

  5. Missouri’s Defense
    Was challenged, fatigued, and beat
    By Navy’s big stick.

  6. Buddy Green’s Defense
    Played a game of whack a mole,
    first two whacks are free.

  7. Beat a good team bad
    Our ‘A’ game is tough to beat
    Hooray for Navy

  8. An early screen pass
    was the only endzone trip
    for the favorites

  9. So disappointed
    Was Mizzou with its bowl draw
    Now I understand

  10. Exhibit A for
    Army and Air Force that the
    talent gap is real

  11. Navy good football
    Only exceeded by the
    Bird dog good haiku

  12. Happy New Year All
    Will 2010 Teach Us
    All how to Haiku?

  13. Four weeks to prepare
    “Show Me” State was shown real thing
    Navy O dominated

  14. …sonuva

    Late night haiku-ing
    Especially on New Year’s
    Leads to stupid errors

    replace “dominated” with “owned clock”, “ran free”, “did good” or other appropriate two syllable expression stating they did indeed dominate the game. TOP beat Mizzou.


    This is a golden age, everyone. Enjoy it while you can!

  16. A Navy clinic
    There is no trying just do
    Buddy and Ken Rock!

  17. You Navy guys have to be on top of the world, and rightly so. Yesterday, between the AF and Navy spread options, was a perfect day. And you have to think that with his offense now spreading — groan — everywhere, and wrinkles added (Navy’s awesome no-huddle) some pressure is on Johnson and Georgia Tech. Regardless, Missouri looked all game like it was being run down by a battleship. If we even have those any more.

  18. Navy ran it all.
    Great last game for Pospisil.
    Fantastic bowl win.

  19. charles anderson: an interesting side note for you. The USS Missouri was the last battle ship to be decommissioned (1992).

  20. Again Ram Vela
    Acts like Johnny on the spot
    I will miss that guy

  21. Buddy Green on fire
    Navy offense goes crazy
    Mizzou has no chance

  22. Birddog Mike was right and is right about the goodness of Navy’s decisions to:
    1. Play DI BCS football and,
    2. Play the toughest bowl opponent we could find.
    “Fortune Favors Boldness!”

    Leadership, Leadership, Leadership.
    It’s what USNA is all about and our Football program is a perfect on campus laboratory.

    Coach Ken N. has it; God given and hard knocks tempered.
    Team Captains Ross P. and Osei A. personify it, in different but equally effective ways. Fire vs. Quiet Determination…but all three by personal example.

    It’s a proud day to be a Navy fan and a USNA graduate.

    Thank you Mike for your hard work and talent.

  23. Navy triple O
    Played doc, took Tiger organs
    while D stood on throat

    Sweepers, man your brooms
    shreds of ‘major’ rush defense
    strewn o’er one more field

  24. Days of Auld Lang Syne?
    Nope. The Golden Age is now.
    Happy New Year, all.

  25. Ivin called a great game.
    Buddy had a dominating defensive plan.
    The players executed and outplayed Mizzou.
    Kenny orchestrated it all.

    A great Navy day.

  26. offense played superb
    defense played even better
    what a great season!!!!!

  27. Sweet victory yes
    Silenced the vain Tigers
    I walk foot off ground

  28. Vict’ry ‘gainst Mizzou
    It’s richly satisfying
    Retrievers die next

  29. LOL @ timestamp on Mike’s post!

  30. Koutetsu Kaigan: Thanks for the battleship Missouri reminder. Dang. Serendipity there.

  31. Don’t you just love it
    When a plan comes together
    In the Texas Bowl!

  32. A thing of beauty
    excellence of execution
    outstanding send off…

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