81 thoughts on “HEY NAVY FANS

  1. Navyrugger

    We are so hyper-sensitive and knee jerk sometimes it is appalling. Like all the world is supposed to kiss our asses and treat us special. I thought USNA was all about turning out people who are NOT that way…….

  2. I don’t think anybody realized the Missouri band’s postgame routine would take so long. They just kept going and going. Eventually everyone got sick of waiting, and the D&B started playing Blue and Gold. That’s it. If anything, there could have been a little better coordination with the bowl people. But it was hardly an issue worth writing sob stories to newspapers, talking about shattered dreams. I just sang louder.

  3. Hardcore24

    I agree with you on that Navy86, … and navyrugger as well.

    It irks me to see folks complaining anytime ESPN/CBS/whomever doesn’t fully cover the post-game Navy B&G singing. It’s OUR tradition, … not any other schools, nor America’s. No other team, or their fans should have to participate/stand silently at attention.

    What at first was a classy gesture by some to recognize this USNA event (verbally or physically) has now seemed to turn into an “entitlement”, … subject to public admonishment if Navy isn’t “properly honored”.

    It is embarrrassing! )o:

  4. Workinducedcoma

    The letter to the editor is horrifyingly painful to read, and I get paid to read painful things all day long…………….

  5. EightyFiver

    I’m getting offended by the fact that this game happened six days ago and the management has not yet posted the analysis. With all that I paid for my subscription……….

    Seriously, though, I share the embarrassment. Navy B&G is our deal. The entire world doesn’t need to stop for it or even notice it. If ND or Army wants to stand there, that’s a nice gesture. But if a team wants to got to its locker room, lick its wounds, and say “WTF just happened to us?” that’s OK too.

  6. Navy72

    I agree with Mike.

    This is no big deal.

    I detect a lot self-righteousness in this whole matter.

    It reminds of all the ND fans who told me how proud they were because ND was always so respectful of Navy in the post-game stuff. Funny thing, I haven’t heard that comment from them since ’07.

  7. Eric

    I’m getting a migraine trying to figure out how “childhood dreams” and Desert Storm have anything to do with the post-Texas Bowl B&G. And Navy-ND not being a pretty site? Huh?

    I need to go lay down.

  8. doug7co

    What in the wide wide world of sports is going on? Just read about the flapex and all the comments above and I agree heartily with the mountain out of a molehill comments. Wow. First the gas passer blows hot air and then the Foundation VP indignantly jumps aboard. Political correctness has always given me a royal pain in the keester, now this. Enjoyed the game immensely and the season too. I refuse to let the battle of the bands cast a cloud over it all. Well said to all you guys.

  9. B03

    Its too bad some fans can’t enjoy navy’s bowl win… I for one am still savoring the victory, if I’m annoyed by anything it is at Houston for backing out of next year’s game. I was really looking forward to an exciting game between two of the better Non-AQ teams – an offensive contrast much like the Texas Bowl. Instead Houston took the easy route and scheduled a nobody to paste. Not that I blame Houston for wanting to back out of a tough non conference game, but now there is a big hole in navy’s schedule.

  10. TJ

    I received this forward in my email today. Seriously, stop getting offended at EVERYTHING. Gimme a break.
    Years from now, the record books will show Navy defeating Missouri in the Texas Bowl. But what they won’t show is the David and Goliath nature of the contest both on and off the field. You had to be there to appreciate the game, fan support, marching bands and press conference.

    At the game ending press conference, Coach Pinkel, the Missouri coach was still in shock when he paid Navy a “compliment”…they (Navy) had a “nice little
    scheme” …and did “nice little job”. And we know a “nice little” back handed compliment when we hear one!

    Missouri was favored by the pundits for many reasons, not the least of which was their Big Twelve schedule, fourth ranking rushing defense (96 yds/pg), and NFL pro style offense and talent (Danario Alexander, No.81). Coupled with this is the undeniable fact that Missouri was much bigger than Navy. Missouri players outweighed Navy by at least 40 pounds a man. As a fan, you don’t really
    appreciate the Missouri size advantage until you see them on the field next to the Midshipmen. Missouri dressed 21 players over 285 pounds, with 13 tipping the scales over 300 pounds. Navy on the other hand, had just 3 such behemoths (2 @ 285 and one @ 301 pounds). There’s an old adage in football -“you can’t coach size” – you either have it or you don’t. And evidenced by the humiliating loss of a much bigger Big Twelve team to a “little scheming” Independent, they can’t coach size…very well at Missouri.

    Size isn’t the only thing they can’t coach at Missouri. On the second play of the game, No. 81, the 6’5, 215 pound future NFL draft pick scored on a 58 yard
    pass reception and while en route to the end zone, he turns his head and sticks his tongue out at the Navy secondary. No doubt thinking, “Hey, this is easy-
    fool!” This man-child’s tongue extension was captured for NFL scouts by a photo journalist and published in the Houston Chronicle. It probably won’t cost No. 81 any singing bonus money because in contrast, the NFL will draft any felon if he can play football. However, the game is played for 60 minutes and Navy controlled the ball 41 of those. While rushing 385 yards Navy clearly out gained, out scored and outclassed a modern day Goliath.

    If you can’t win the game at least the bigger school could win the battle of the fans, right? This season, Missouri averaged 64,000 fans per home game while
    “little” Navy could only mustered an average of 32,000 – advantage Missouri. Each school was allotted 11,000 tickets ($65 @). Missouri finished a distant second to “little” Navy in ticket sales (4,200 v. 18,000 of the paid attendance – 69,441). This loss cost the Big Twelve and Missouri dearly because instead of receiving half of the $1.25 million dollar guarantee, they must “buy” the unsold tickets (approximately $400,000). Navy’s ticket sales also included over 800 tickets purchased by the alumni and given to the Midshipman who attended the
    game. In addition, Navy sold over 5,000 tailgate tickets ($25 @) for the pregame meal in a tent that covered half a football field. The rout continues
    for the “little” Independent on the Severn.

    If you can’t win the game or tailgate at least Missouri could win the battle of the bands, right? The safe bet was on the “Golden” Missouri Marching Band
    dominating the Naval Academy’s Drum and Bugle Corps. After all, the Golden Band fielded 10 times more “brass” than Navy. Compared to Navy’s silver bugles and drums, Missouri was imposing with their larger golden euphoniums, tubas and sousaphones. Outweighing Navy’s thin blue line by at least forty pounds per “player”, Missouri’s Golden Band was intimidating. It was easy to see that
    Navy’s D&B was in for a long afternoon.

    Together, when both school bands took to the field at half time and played a rousing rendition of Deep in the Heart of Texas (which can only be appreciated
    by Texans), the “little” Navy “players” were lost in the sea of a really big, Big Twelve Band. However what the TV viewing audience could not appreciate
    happened after the last whistle blew. As is tradition at the Naval Academy, when the game is over, the Navy football team assembles by the Drum and Bugle
    Corps and their fellow Midshipmen in the stands for the singing of Navy Blue and Gold, the school alma mater. Also remaining in the stands and stretching the length of the field were most of the 18,000 Navy faithful and alumni, staying to sing the alma mater and celebrate the trophy presentation. Only a small portion of the fans were able to sing along because, the “not so” Golden Band, in an unsporting display of their huge sound advantage, drowned out Navy’s “little” D&B. After the cheer “Beat Army” went up by those closest to the D&B, the remaining 16,000 Navy alumni treated the “not so” Golden Band from Missouri to a crescendo of boos.

    Now this “not so golden” one-upmanship might seem trivial to those who never attended the Naval Academy but for those that have, it was an insult equal to playing your school fight song to drown out “God Bless America”. The Naval Academy is not your typical college nor is Navy Blue and Gold the typical college fight song, the kind you hear at Notre Dame, Ohio State or Missouri. Its somber, hymn like quality speaks not only to the tradition and purpose of
    the Naval Academy but to the bravery and colors of the United States Navy.

    * Now, colleges from sea to sea
    * May sing of colors true;
    * But who has better right than we
    * To hoist a symbol hue?
    * For sailors brave in battle fair,
    * Since fighting days of old,
    * Have proved the sailor’s right to wear
    * The Navy Blue and Gold

    Years ago Coach Holtz brought a Notre Dame team to play in the Academy’s Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium (emphasize Memorial), and after reading the 42 names emblazoned on the façade of the second deck, – names like Guadalcanal, Inchon, Iwo Jima, and Midway, – he remarked, “Now that’s one heck of a
    schedule”. Indeed it is. It’s a schedule Navy never bargained for, but was prepared to win… because losing wasn’t an option.

    This year, Notre Dame lost to the smaller Navy team in South Bend and out of respect, Notre Dame’s Coach Weiss had his team stand behind the Navy during the dulcet tones of Navy Blue and Gold. Likewise, Ohio State’s Coach Tressel invited the smaller Navy football team to take the field along side his Big Ten team to avoid the traditional jeering and booing of a visiting team by the 80,000 Ohio State fans. Coach Tressel received an award for this rare display of sportsmanship. Let it be said there are some football programs that know how
    to coach size.

    Besides class there is something that can’t be coached and that intangible is “heart”…you either have it or you don’t.

    Go Navy! Beat Army!

    Doug Bateman, USNA ’70, former Navy Seal, former FBI Special Agent

  11. DC

    Yep, agree with all … we went to USNA to learn how to lead to kick folks a…..s if called to. So after given a good a….s kicking, why do so many who probably never expericience the USNA “how to become an a…kicker” experience whine that folks whose a… got kicked don’t shower us with rose petals.

  12. head

    Agree – the fundamental element of our football success is the idea that we should expect nothing… just play like a pack of hyenas.

    These less than gracious fans are arrogantly expecting more than they should… it’s college football and a song and a misunderstanding or two.

    Keep your bad attitudes to yourselves – be thankful for the win – and support the team

  13. T.J.

    You think Chet likes seeing crap like that? “Hey, it would really help my scheduling if every time we beat a big time football program we also proceeded to scream to the media about how awful their team, fans, and band were as well”.

  14. SteveFred

    T.J. – Great point. Also, I can understand the indignation, but the righteousness is getting a bit out of hand. Recent updates indicate it was lack of comm, and if someone screwed up it was us by starting Navy B&G too soon, Great game by players and coaches. Thanks for a great year, and Beat Army (and AF)

  15. armchairsailor79

    I have seen the following quote several times (or heard it on ESPN):

    “Years ago Coach Holtz brought a Notre Dame team to play in the Academy’s Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium (emphasize Memorial), and after reading the 42 names emblazoned on the façade of the second deck, – names like Guadalcanal, Inchon, Iwo Jima, and Midway, – he remarked, “Now that’s one heck of a

    Nice quote. Problem is, ND never plays at N-MC Memorial. Is this just an appocryphal story, or did Holtz play there with another team like William and Mary?

  16. SaltySam98

    I think Holtz said that when he was coach of another team. I remember him saying it on ESPN (maybe in his book too?) a few years back. I rolled my eyes and thought “jeez, I’ve heard that quote so many times it’s getting to be a Yogi Berra-ism.”

  17. DJ

    The NMC quote was in a book of memoirs by Marv Levy. According to the book, one of the assistants at W&M said it in pregame warmups right before they beat Navy.

    TJ – great point. Navy has a scheduling advantage over the other non-BCS schools (in addition to being independent) in that the BCS schools feel that they have fulfilled some sort of patriotic duty by scheduling Navy. If our idiot “fans” start “flaming” on every minor detail, we become just another team.

    Navy complaining about the Missouri Band is as pathetic as Temple complaining about phantom whistle. At least Temple lost and was looking for excuses.

  18. EightyFiver

    A footnote thought on this embarrassing little dust-up: A hallmark of the PC movement is the notion that victim status brings some measure of power to the victim. With that status, victim can beat the alleged aggressor over the head with his own alleged insensitivity and gain something in terms of status.

    What really irks me about all of this is that after eating the 16 oz porterhouse and smoking the fine cigar (to follow up on the great metaphor above), some are looking to the PC world to cloak Navy in the role of victim. I really hate this and how it reflects on Navy and its fans. (Who in the world is Doug Bateman, anyway? He doesn’t speak for me.)

    On both sides of the ball, we beat the living daylights out of a Big 12 program that is about 2 years removed from being close to the top of the Div. 1A heap! What’s there to be unhappy about?

  19. IrishFB, the way Beano explains it, Holtz tells the story so much that people mistakenly attribute the quote to him. I don’t think Holtz himself even claims to have said it.

    It’s a great line regardless. It’s a shame this Doug Bateman loon is using it this way.

  20. Coop

    I agree with all. Just what I was thinking when I heard about it. We shouldn’t be so up tight about it. It’s what goes on on the field that counts. Not the flyover, march-on, or anything else. As someone posted, it’s our tradition; we should do it and other teams don’t have to stand behind us for it.

  21. Bill73

    A similar thing happened after the Pitt game this year when the stadium PA drowned out Blue and Gold with their music. There was a little bit in the paper and on some blogs for a day or two, then it was forgotten. The same should have happened this time, why some people are bringing it up days after and trying to make a big deal out of it, I don’t know. The point is the Hyenas won, and those Navy fans there got to sing Blue and Gold like they always do. The last couple of years more and more teams have chosen to stay on the field with our team after the game, kudos to them, but there certainly should be no requirement or expectation to do so.

  22. doug7co

    No need to repeat what I have already said BUT I must clarify that I am NOT Doug of the Bateman variety, just in case someone mistakenly thought so. Being a Proud ’69er, I have no class allegiance to him nor even the slightest agreement with his statements.

  23. Ace

    This is awesome. MU and Navy both agreed that the losing team would perform first. So the losing team starts to perform and then is interupted by the winning team and the winning team is mad about this. What a joke. They can’t even follow the rules they agreed to and now they are mad because they interrupted MU. Navy should be apologizing here not MU.

  24. Ace

    TJ – Nice post. I like how you compare Denario Alexander to a felon because he stuck his tongue out. You sure the felon comment wasn’t due to the color of his skin. Nice to see Navy fans staying classy with racist comments.

  25. Ace

    I would like to say most Navy fans are keeping it real. It is to bad for the few who have problems in ther eown lives that they show in their post.

  26. Bear Shark

    Birddog might correct you as well, but TJ was not the one who paralleled Alexander to a felon – Bateman 007, International Man of Righteousness, was. Felons could also imply Caucasians as well, if you feel like seeing it from that perspective.

    A side note….Alexander is legit and will do well on Sundays.

  27. TJ

    As was just pointed out I didn’t write that, I think it’s ridiculous. Actually the “felon” comment might be the stupidest part of that whole thing, though its got competition.

  28. Moose 95

    I am tired of the PC nation that requires a beat down even after an apology has been issued! Also, it’s such a minor footnote in what happened that day, and a shame that it’s getting any attention out there. Speaking of PC, I absolutely dispise the new words to Blue and Gold and have often wondered if in the name of PC people have started singing it the “correct” way. I, for one, will sing it the way it was first written until the day they put me in the ground, or I can’t remember the words.. whichever comes first.

  29. NavyHoldi99

    I still sing Blue and Gold the old/right way. As far as I’m concerned…one man doesn’t have the right to change the words to Blue and Gold after it has been sung for so long.

  30. G-lax, “political correctness” means bending over backwards to ensure that nobody ever gets offended. This is about as good an example as you’ll ever find. It’s one thing to enjoy a well-adjusted appreciation of the military. It’s another to expect to have your butt kissed.

  31. Goalielax

    ah i suppose i can see it. to me the PC-ness of the issue ended at the apologies. everything beyond that, in my eye, is past PC-ness and instead entering some feverish realm

  32. Bill73

    I thought it was only us older guys who prefer the old words, but it appears even those who graduated in the 90’s sing it the original way. I actually can’t remember the changes, at least not the second one so just sing what I was originally taught. I think it makes no difference which words you use, it is the act of singing the song to honor all of those who have gone before us. PC aside, I think the old words in no way shows any disrespect to the female grads and mids who have been with us since 1976.

  33. Exit14

    I was at the game and caught up in all the emotion and revelry. I too did “boo”…very loudly and was taken aback and felt a personal affront…as did many. But now I do agree with the aformentioned and do agree its lame and a shame for Navy to complain. I just want to savor the win and forget all the outcry. In retrospect, we probably didn’t need to make a big deal of “Our Tradition” with all that testosterone and burbon in u s..But boy it felt good …bittersweet that it was. I also don’t think we need to make an excuse and/or an outcry for those that did cross that fine line of cheering to booing , especially at a game of this magnitude.

  34. Hubie01

    As far as football goes, I want other schools to hate USNA for kicking their tails with smaller and slower athletes. If it is a moral victory for them to play over Blue and Gold, then I will happily sing along while they are playing The Hey Song – Congrats for having the louder band.

  35. Stork

    Much ado about nothing, if you ask me. For all of us stuck at home watching on TV we weren’t going to get to hear Blue and Gold anway since they rushed to the commercial break.

    Speaking of TV, the place looked empty for the whole game. It was billed as a sellout and the most tickets sold. Where were all the folks??? Was it that empty for real?

  36. Bill73

    This posting started out about those that had complained about the Missouri band, now it seems to have turned into complaining about Mike not yet posting an analysis of the Texas Bowl. While I would like to see that, let’s all give Mike a break here. It’s not like this is his job (but he sure does of great job of writing about Navy football), he has a life to live as well. And it’s not like we have paid a subscription price to read this blog.

  37. chbags

    hey – I figured out how to post from my Treo – if I had known this on the 31st I would have blogged about how the Mizzou band hates freedom

  38. Stephen

    Move on? Hah.

    For all you Big Shawn fans out there, I give you http://www.mizzourahblog.com/ They not only predicted a cruise victory, but when they lost, they didn’t blog the loss, and then promptly stopped blogging.

    No word as to whether their “victory whiskey” became “dull the pain whiskey” or whether they passed it off to a Navy fan.

  39. Stephen

    Yes, but you’ve actually acknowledged the game existed. And I’m sure they have legit life stuff that they’re shutting down their blog, but they have this huge build-up, a confident pre-game analysis, pour out their victory whiskey, then nothing. They mention some Mizzou alum who might play for the Saints, and then pull the plug.

    I was amused.

    On a more serious note, did you see about the two players, one who decided to go be a Gopher and one who decided for UNH?

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