The home portion of Navy’s two-game series with Ohio State will be played at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore to open the 2014 season. I’m sure everyone assumed this was going to happen all along, but now it has the hard candy coating of official-ness. Those of you hoping to see the game played at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium are probably disappointed, but if you want to give up a Baltimore payday then you’re too hopelessly confused to have your opinion count for anything anyway. FedEx Field was apparently also considered, but thankfully ruled out since nobody likes looking at 30,000 empty seats.

Now that this is official, the next question is where to play Notre Dame that year. Will Navy play two games in Baltimore? Maybe FedEx Field is in the running for this game instead. Or perhaps the Notre Dame game will hit the road to somewhere like, oh I don’t know… Jacksonville? MAKE IT HAPPEN, CHET!


  1. Dave'69

    We played ND in Orlando a few years ago so the state of Florida definately a possibility. Navy & ND put together an excellent Disney package. The stadium was poor and the game results sucked but the family had fun anyway. I’m sure we’d get a bigger Navy crowd in Jax. I’d make the trip from central Alabama. How is the stadium?

  2. popeye1981

    “No offense to the JAX folks, but personally I’d rather hit Orlando before JAX. But M&T is the most likely.”

    The Orlando Citrus Bowl is a Dump!


    M&T is far better than FEDEX, however I see the scheduling nightmare. It would be cool to have a Dallas sized facility in the DC-ANNAP-Balt Triangle to be able to use, However we don’t seem to have any Billionaires in the area who have that big of a Sportscentric EGO. Other Ego-centrics maybe but not sports. I think it is obvoius that we will end up at FEDEX by default. However I will call dibs on Mikes couch for the chance that we end up in Florida at all.

  4. Dave'69

    So it’s settled then – if Mike’s “joke” comes true, all readers meet at his house Friday night for a tailgater, crash there overnight, and go to the game together on Saturday. Sounds like a plan to me.


    I hope that the Couch is comfy Mike. And ask Gibson87 how great I can Cook. I have put pounds on him and his fine family with My cooking.

  6. DJ

    Tampa was in the mix for A/N a few years back, so maybe they will bid on Navy/ND. I am sure ND would have love to play a game in Florida as it can help with recruiting.

    2014 will be an expensive year for tickets with OSU, ND, and A/N

  7. daphillips1

    I know that Rick Catlett, head of the Gator Bowl Association, has indicated his interest in getting Navy-ND at Jax Municipal Stadium. Maybe we could get the covers off the seats they use for Jaguar games!

  8. Jimbear NJ

    Do you realize by naming this post after a line from the movie “Blow” it will trigger another David Ausiello column on the Naval Academy drug policy.

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