If you really think about it, if someone wanted to design the worst television show ever, it would probably look something like the NFL draft. I mean, it’s a guy reading a name every 10 minutes. For whatever reason, we all watch it anyway. For me, other than seeing who the Chargers take and pretending I know if it’s a good pick or not, I like to see how many draftees played against Navy during their college careers. Here’s the list for the 2010 draft:


Anthony Davis/OL/6’6/325/Rutgers
Sean Weatherspoon/LB/6’2/245/Missouri
Devin McCourty/CB/5’11/185/Rutgers


Koa Misi/OLB/6’3/263/Utah
Zane Beadles/OL/6’4/305/Utah
Jimmy Clausen/QB/6’3/223/Notre Dame
Toby Gerhart/RB/6’1/237/Stanford
Golden Tate/WR/5’11/195/Notre Dame


D’Anthony Smith/DT/6’2/300/Louisiana Tech
Emmanuel Sanders/WR/5’11/180/SMU
Brandon Ghee/CB/6’0/191/Wake Forest


Thad Gibson/OLB/6’2/240/Ohio St.


Robert Johnson/FS/6’2/200/Utah
Chris DeGeare/G/6’4/335/Wake Forest
Stevenson Sylvester/LB/6’2/230/Utah


Dennis Morris/TE/6’2/265/Louisiana Tech
Sam Young/T/6’8/320/Notre Dame
Nate Byham/TE/6’4/265/Pittsburgh
Eric Olsen/G/6’4/305/Notre Dame


R.J. Stanford/DB/5’11/180/Utah
Dorin Dickerson/TE/6’2/230/Pittsburgh
C.J. Wilson/DL/6’4/278/East Carolina
Jim Dray/TE/6’5/253/Stanford
Ryan D’Imperio/LB/6’1/241/Rutgers
Doug Worthington/DT/6’6/276/Ohio St.
Kurt Coleman/S/5’11/195/Ohio St.
Austin Spitler/LB/6’3/234/Ohio St.
Erik Lorig/DE/6’4/265/Stanford

These are people who actually played in games against Navy. If a drafted player’s school played Navy, but that player didn’t get into the game, I didn’t list him.

8 thoughts on “DRAFT RECAP

  1. 5Sticks

    This is awesome. I must admit I have thought about this many times regarding the kind of talent our guys play while winning their fair share of games. I wonder how many more go the free agent route and end up in the league? It just makes me respect what The Mids do even more.

  2. Danario Alexander wasn’t drafted. He injured his knee in the Senior Bowl and had to have surgery, which is his fourth operation on that knee. He wasn’t able to work out at Missouri’s pro day. He’s NFL talent, but probably can’t pass a physical right now.

  3. Andrewde78

    Mike, outstanding detail with the draft analysis. My question for you is, will you be posting an article analyzing the upcoming 2010 schedule for Navy? Just from looking, it seems that Navy can go undefeated given their performance with most of the teams on the schedule during past match ups.

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