I’ve screwed this blog up something awful. It’s become less of a blog and more of a place for me to drop whatever 2000-word colossus I can churn out every 3-4 weeks. Not that there’s anything wrong with some substance once in a while, but a proper blog has its share of fluff and filler to let people know that you’re still converting oxygen into carbon dioxide. Wednesdays used to be open thread days, but since we started the message board those became obsolete. I need a new Wednesday thing, so I hereby resolve to post more meaningless crap!

The Good: Former All-America defensive back Chet Moeller was selected for induction into the College Football Hall of Fame. The honor is long overdue, especially if you look at the resumes of Moeller’s inducted contemporaries at his position; many of them are in almost as much for their kick returns as they are for what they did on defense. Rest assured that Moeller isn’t being recognized for that kind of namby-pamby, glory-hog nonsense. No, he was inducted because he broke people. On occasion, he broke whole teams, like Penn State in 1974. I have a copy of that game on tape… Kind of grainy coaches’ film. My first time watching it, I asked, “Which one is Moeller?” *CRUNCH* *IMPACT* *DIVIDE BY ZERO* “Never mind.”

The Bad: This:

The Ugly: Ken Griffey Jr. retired today. In other news, I now know what it feels like to be old.

The Meh: Apparently the worst-kept secret in college football is that the Mountain West is about to extend an invitation to Boise State, perhaps as soon as Monday’s meeting of the conference’s board of directors. Kind of cool for both parties on the surface, but if Utah gets invited to the Pac-10 it’ll be a net loss. There’s more to consider than just winning games, and although they’re media darlings, Boise State doesn’t carry the same heft in terms of a dedicated following. If your conference has its own television network, that’s pretty much all that matters. I’ll post more on the conference expansion flap some other time.

The Blogs: One Foot Down talks scheduling and Notre Dame independence— a topic we should all be interested in. Pitt Blather rounds up the latest conference expansion news. And by news, we mean speculation, “sources,” and no news at all. Paul Myerberg of the NY Times has Ricky Dobbs at #10 on his list of Heisman contenders.

The iPod: The Decembrists – July, July!

The Padres: Are still in first place, thanks to a game-winning grand slam by Adrian Gonzalez in extra innings tonight.

9 thoughts on “THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY – 6/2

  1. Feel you on the old thing. Seems like just yesterday my dad was taking me to O’s game just because I wanted to see “the kid” hit one yard. I brought my glove always wanting to catch a Griffey homerun, even though we sat in the left field upper deck.

  2. When I went to Camden Yards as a mid, I’d buy tickets for the upper deck but watch the game from the right field plaza, standing behind the scoreboard.

  3. jgish92

    HA! WIWM we went to Memorial Stadium to watch the O’s!!! You think you’re old……

    Standing by for the ante to be upped……

  4. Navy72


    Moeller was a great player and, by the way, a class act. He’s in the same league as Staubach and David Robinson when it comes to character. I was MPA on my first ship and running the summer mid program when Chet did his 1/C cruise on our ship. Very sharp guy. Impressive in every way.

    I vividly recall listening to the Navy-Virginia game in 1975 when Moeller ran down on a Navy kick off (2nd half, I believe), just dismantled Virginia’s wedge, bodies airborne, and then Moeller crushed the ball carrier. Navy announcers went crazy over that play. Great stuff.

  5. Confused and Off Topic

    Is there such a thing as a “speed option” in Navy’s offense? If so, how does it compare/contrast to the counter option?

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