Coach Niumat pulls 7 Gs in the back seat of a Hornet, smiles, and shows us his war face. I do one Immelman in a T-34, whimper, and regret having corn chips* with lunch. This is a splendid illustration of the difference between a DAGGONE PACK OF HYENAS FOOTBALL COACH and the average blogging internet nerd.

*Seriously, corn chip barf has a high viscosity; less like the gazpacho-ish consistency of my usual upchuckings and more like a paste. It burns the nose and smells like acrid dog feet.


20 Responses

  1. Krystal Burger puke tastes about the same coming up as it did on the way down.
    Haven’t enjoyed a Krystal since I left Pensacola about 24 years ago. (Did I really enjoy them then?)

  2. Why did I decide to read this just before lunch?

  3. Krystal Chicks are delicious…never ate they gray meat burgers thou

  4. Lt C.J. Simonsen ’02 was the pilot … Prior Enlisted, NAPS, Varsity Letterman in Track, and now Blue Angel. Bruce Fleming does not approve.

  5. Coach Kenny is a true warrior! The only thing more strenuous than 7 Gs he could do now is experience a day/night with the an incoming class during Hell Week at BUDS!

  6. C.J. was also the president of his class for the first 5 years.

  7. Way to go coach – it’s a lot easier pulling g’s when you’re driving than when you’re riding.

  8. on TJ’s comment: Put Bruce in the back seat … a little closer to the action!

  9. Way to go Coach Niumat!! BRAVO ZULU !!

    You should show this to your team. Let ’em see what a real warrior can take.

    I’m tempted to post this video on an Alabama blog. Bammers have elevated Nick Saban to diety status. If I do my message to them will be:

    “Can your coach do this?”

  10. Mike:

    I feel a little better now. It took me doing 5G+ in a T-2 with a badly adjusted g-suit to blow chunks.

  11. CJ also tried out for the football team… he was a better sprinter…

  12. My max as a GIB was an 8.2 in the Hornet. Pulled 7+ a few times in the Phantom, which is a no-no. Had to take the turtleback off, pull the engines, and buy the maintainers a case of beer after that.

    7G’s in the break is awesome. I miss flying.

  13. That was great! Would have been interesting had the pilot been one of Coach N’s former players….like getting a little revenge for those two-a-days… :-)

  14. tp:

    Always managed to get it in the bag.

  15. Smokey Tolbert ’62 was the first USNA Blue Angel. RIP

  16. GO NAVY, memories are made of this. Doesn’t get any better than this. God bless our men and women of the US Navy and the rest of our great Military. Thank you all for your service.

  17. Way to go Coach! I got a T-2 ride second class summer in P-cola after stupidly having a big night drinking before. I didn’t blow chunks, but almost passed out – probably from dehydration…

  18. C.J. is the man! He was our track captain in ’02!

  19. Dito! CJ simonsen definitely the man. The track teams contribution to navy football is hard to minimize (see speedster reggie campbell among others).

  20. World’s fastest samoan? Dunno … didn’t have a radar gun on ’em, but I’ve seen Samoans moving at a pretty good clip for one of those really big cans of Pacific canned corned beef…

    But I kid: Coach is a really good sport, and it’s nice that he gets to visit out in the fleet like this. Next up: Coach goes on the high noon run with the Marines on Guam.

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