Postgame Haiku, Vol. 34

Forgettable game;
I hope it was the short week.
If not, a long year.


21 Responses

  1. I know its not five
    But o man that was ugly
    Oops, I pulled it off

  2. A win is a win,
    Even against FCS.
    Just ask the Hokies.

  3. Happy Birthday Bro’
    BYU sucking big time
    I’ll go kick my dog

    ( and I don’t have a dog )

  4. paging the o line…
    did we forget how to block?
    cannot take much more.

  5. Offense Offensive
    Good effort from Navy D
    Ugly Double-U

  6. Drop the press clippings,
    get back to Navy football,
    time to lead, Dobson!

  7. that was tough to watch
    but i’ll take an ugly win
    over monday’s game

  8. A win is a win
    But that was freakin ugly
    No right being close

  9. Center not blocking
    means tough times moving the ball.
    Defense toughed it out.

  10. Defense came to play
    Offense can’t say the same thing
    Need better next week

    Navy in trouble
    Air Force destroys Brigham Young
    Winning streak in doubt?

  11. Navy-GSU
    Nine hundred yards of offense
    Times twenty percent

  12. Win was a moped.
    Don’t want my friends to see it.
    But glad to have it.

  13. Kick those field goals
    Right through the uprights
    One shining star

  14. Teich, Murray , Dobbs
    Get thirty eight carries
    A backs only four

    (Mike…could you explain how GSU shut down the pitch and why Navy didn’t run the toss sweep that worked well against Maryland?)

  15. Please stop Heisman talk
    CIC all that matters
    Win is a win, right?

  16. I wish I could see
    Constant69’s face when
    Army blew that game

  17. JoeDawg, you are awesome! LOL

  18. remember before?
    Dobbs for Heisman twelve and oh
    Then one and one came

  19. Ds keying on Dobbs
    No one will let Dobbs beat them
    Coach better adjust

  20. Louisiana Tech
    will be season’s turning point.
    Navy starts rolling!

    (Hope springs eternal.)

  21. Gen’ral disclaimer
    No animal was harmed in
    Number two haiku

    ( Evening meal however…)

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