45 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 35

  1. Chvw '99

    Team that wants it more
    Always wins this rivalry
    Navy wins next year

    Battle of Defense
    And Green’s “D” missing tackles?
    New ulcers tonight…

  2. B03

    Navy First and Goal
    Lose five yards, miss the chippie
    Offensive story

    From 09 to 10
    The mystery red zone crash
    All: wtf?

    Defense would be great
    If the games could be started
    In second quarter

  3. Tom Johnston

    We’ve become very predictable near the goal line. Dobbs following the fullback through the hole worked great for the past two years. You think that one has been scouted !!!??? Yet we keep trying the same play every time. Yeah, talk about blocking schemes, etc, but how ’bout trying to mix it up a time or two rather than taking the ultra conservative route every time?? Seems like we are trying not to lose rather than playing to win. There is a difference.

  4. usmc53

    I hate the air force.
    They are just civilians who
    wear blue uniforms.

    Feel bad for seniors.
    Feel bad for the coaches, too.
    Rough season so far.

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