Postgame Haiku, Vol. 35

UPS shipping
One hundred seventy pounds
Two hundred dollars


45 Responses

  1. I have yet to save
    A navy game played this year
    on my DVR

  2. red zone offense sucks
    more than anything that has
    ever sucked before

  3. Tough year for Navy
    Air Force outplayed us today
    Offense I don’t get

  4. Yelling louder still
    Won’t produce a Navy score
    Offense please report

  5. Team that wants it more
    Always wins this rivalry
    Navy wins next year

    Battle of Defense
    And Green’s “D” missing tackles?
    New ulcers tonight…

  6. I am so depressed
    Wake forest versus navy
    This one’s a bad dream

  7. waiwaiole loves
    the shake weight he uses when
    he goes to the gym

  8. Dobbs passing ugly
    Red zone offense offensive
    Buckley just as bad

  9. Complacency reigns
    Just show up and we will win
    Find a different plan

  10. Timeouts were wasted
    Again early in the half
    Nice to have in end

  11. CoC is gone
    Offense just seems out of sync
    Can mids get six wins?

  12. Nothing to add here
    Can Army save our chestnuts
    Gotta save two bills

  13. All talk matters not
    The game is won on the field
    Air Force was better team

  14. Kings of the option past
    Now in a rushing funk
    Zoomies embarrass the Middies

  15. After all these years
    From aged DeBerry manure
    AF punks still grow

  16. Special teams still bad
    We need new special teams coach
    Clock management poor

  17. TJ beats RD
    Special teams-what’s going on
    Can Army save us

  18. Red Zone: middle run

    Variety is the spice;

    Time to add some salt

  19. dobbs cant do it.
    get Proctor in there
    that’s what PJ did when QB was not hacking it
    AF kicking a man? what turds they are

  20. zoomies made the plays
    we did not make to win it
    the streak is broken

  21. Air Force came to play.
    Mids mired in preseason hype.
    Hoping Army wins.

  22. What is urgency?
    Not Navy Football this year.
    Back to basics NOW!

  23. Never thought I’d see
    Navy team in recent years
    That can’t execute

  24. Outplayed and Outcoached!
    Navy not very good now
    Can we get to bowl?

  25. Dark cloud soon will pass
    Silver lining coming soon
    Army will prevail

  26. Damnit damnit damn
    Damn damnit damn damnit damn
    Damn damnit damnit

  27. 1997
    We’re repeating history
    let’s stop it right now

  28. GoMids board meltdown!
    Posters blame coaches, players,
    But Air Force played well.

  29. Athletic players
    Is hurdling a penalty?
    AF made big plays.

  30. Big plays were Air Force
    The Mids forgot how to win
    Let’s all settle down

  31. It’s not all on Coach
    Very uninspired football
    and outplayed all day

  32. Congrats to Air Force
    They did what they had to do
    And the Mids helped out

  33. Navy First and Goal
    Lose five yards, miss the chippie
    Offensive story

    From 09 to 10
    The mystery red zone crash
    All: wtf?

    Defense would be great
    If the games could be started
    In second quarter

  34. We’ve become very predictable near the goal line. Dobbs following the fullback through the hole worked great for the past two years. You think that one has been scouted !!!??? Yet we keep trying the same play every time. Yeah, talk about blocking schemes, etc, but how ’bout trying to mix it up a time or two rather than taking the ultra conservative route every time?? Seems like we are trying not to lose rather than playing to win. There is a difference.

  35. Give the Falcs some cred
    They are a Top 25
    Good luck go higher

  36. Public Enemy said
    “Don’t believe the hype homie”
    Sadly this team did

  37. Screw the shipping cost
    If they actually win it then
    They can come get it

  38. it’s tough to win games
    when you stall in the red zone
    can’t trade 3 for 7

  39. Do Zoomies always
    Rush field for win over a
    Ten point underdog?

  40. Don’t break down the game
    don’t make me see it again
    one time is enough

  41. Endzone untouched

    No paydirt for Mids

    End the madness

  42. Listen, o, listen;
    to rats leaving Navy’s ship!
    Is Army win sure?

  43. I hate the air force.
    They are just civilians who
    wear blue uniforms.

    Feel bad for seniors.
    Feel bad for the coaches, too.
    Rough season so far.

  44. Mark your calendars,
    November 6, Army will
    crush air force’s dream.

  45. Tom Johnston haiku
    Prose forbidden here, save for
    Breakdown or Globo

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