Postgame Haiku, Vol. 36

That was a great win.
Neither side was perfect, but
Both sides did enough.


26 Responses

  1. lizabeth comin
    to see ya baby, oh my
    kozar where are you

  2. Glad to have the win.
    Now, time to lick the wounds and
    on to SMU.

  3. Good thing no TV
    Saved me an ugly bout of
    Combative drinking.

  4. I’ll take 3 and 2
    the team did enough to win
    and that is what counts!

  5. Frosh QB threw for
    325 yards.
    Ricky’s pass won, though.

  6. Commentators sucked.
    Commentators really sucked.
    At least we could watch.

  7. Way to Suck it up!!!

    Seemed we were in trouble ’til

    the Tough got Going.

  8. 3 and 2 it is
    and we’ll take this win today
    4 and 2 next week

  9. Another win against
    An AQ BCS team
    Next must stop the Ponies

  10. Navy avoids a Wake
    Red Zone troubles vanish in the Forest
    Gutsy win b4 the Ponies come in

  11. This is season 4 of haiku, guys. 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables.

  12. Dobbs’ clutch performance
    Thwarts murder by paper cuts
    Bring on the Ponies

  13. Clear alterations
    Strategy in the red zone
    Makes all the diff’rence

  14. Dobbs’ arm pulls it out
    Too many head injuries
    Just win baby, win

  15. Santiago Bra

    Good Hands and Quickness Today

    A Back No Ka Oi

  16. Very frustrating
    Game was like my high school dates
    Except Navy won!

  17. Wake frosh QB sure

    Near dinky dunk passed to win

    Blue and Gold steals one

  18. I marked this a loss
    And looked over the schedule
    Very glad we won

  19. patience rules the day
    mistakes are still showing up
    learning how to win

  20. tolerating Wake’s
    radio guys nearly spoiled
    season-saving win

  21. Very happy that
    Aaron McCauly is a
    junior. He plays big.

    It was fun to see
    Santiago run the ball.
    That kid has some quicks.

    Gee Gee Greene steps up
    and fills the void at slot back.
    Marcus Curry who??

    Thanks for showing Navy games.
    But guys in booth stink.

    Coach Ken is a great
    asset to USNA.
    He LOVES coaching Mids.

  22. Offense balances
    Rushing passing three to one
    Score ev’ry quarter

  23. Someday I will learn
    NEVER turn off a Navy game
    Before it is done!

  24. Please delete the “a”
    I don’t want to get scolded
    Count to seven fail

  25. lol

  26. Love the “3” for games
    But Wake announcers were bad
    A big, hard fought win

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