Postgame Haiku, Vol. 39

Navy lost to Duke.
Meditate on that a while.
Navy lost to Duke.


23 Responses

  1. Navy Football Can’t
    Play Half Of A Football Game
    And “Expect to Win”

  2. Up so high last week
    Now low like a snake belly
    Bad start once again

  3. Lose to Blue Devils
    After smoking Notre Dame
    Ha ha. Funny.

  4. Win by comeback ?
    Exciting, so chic !
    Losing just blows.

    Not enough beer in the fridge to get me through the night…blows too.

  5. It could have been worse
    Duke’s only win could have been
    Against Elon — D’OH!

  6. We lost to duke and
    this team is jekyll and hyde.
    paging the o line!

  7. Understand this guys
    The defense took the game off
    ECU smiling

  8. Hey guy behind me
    Commercials bought the nice seats
    Your dumb ass sat in

    Just for example
    Calculate field goal distance?
    Add 17 yards

  9. Feels like Maryland
    deja vu. I never saw
    this defeat coming.

    Our boys never quit.
    Great to be a Navy fan
    even with this loss.

    San Diego State
    is bowl eligible. They
    will be in P-Bowl.

    ECU better
    be ready for a focused
    Navy team next week.

  10. Went to bed; late here
    Glad I didn’t watch the mess
    Duke stopped the TO?

  11. Duke pristine passing
    shredded the navy defense.
    Tremendous letdown.

  12. Cannot play asleep
    Coach warned them, but who listened?
    Loss, no excuse, sir.

  13. This loss was no fluke
    Even if it was to Duke
    We woke up too late

  14. The cardiac mids
    Famous for their theatrics
    Could not pull it out

    ECU awaits
    Which team will bother to show
    Coach has a challenge

  15. There it goes again
    The classic Navy let down
    This one is on Ken

  16. Was that Johnny U?
    Our D could not stop Elon
    See ya coaches vote

  17. An old saw again
    Defense will win championships
    Offense fills the seats

  18. Some saw it coming
    Duke frustrates the Mids Again
    Notre Dame letdown

  19. Some times it is best
    Just to shut up and go home.
    A new month Monday!

  20. Duke’s pointed pitch fork
    Bedeviled us the first half
    Then Cardiac Mids pitch back

  21. Loss to Duke (Duke!) proves
    No game is a gimme. Seems
    Like we forgot that.

  22. ND hangover
    Dobbs’ fumble negates first half
    Comeback not enough.

  23. What the heck goes on?
    Miss one game and we lose to
    steaming pile of Duke?

    (they rejected my princess 4 years ago…..still a little bitter)

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