23 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 39

  1. 81Zoltan

    Win by comeback ?
    Exciting, so chic !
    Losing just blows.

    Not enough beer in the fridge to get me through the night…blows too.

  2. GoalieLax

    Hey guy behind me
    Commercials bought the nice seats
    Your dumb ass sat in

    Just for example
    Calculate field goal distance?
    Add 17 yards

  3. usmc53

    Feels like Maryland
    deja vu. I never saw
    this defeat coming.

    Our boys never quit.
    Great to be a Navy fan
    even with this loss.

    San Diego State
    is bowl eligible. They
    will be in P-Bowl.

    ECU better
    be ready for a focused
    Navy team next week.

  4. gcl73

    The cardiac mids
    Famous for their theatrics
    Could not pull it out

    ECU awaits
    Which team will bother to show
    Coach has a challenge

  5. workinducedcoma

    What the heck goes on?
    Miss one game and we lose to
    steaming pile of Duke?

    (they rejected my princess 4 years ago…..still a little bitter)

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