Wags gives us a winner.


12 Responses

  1. Typical journalist, trying to stir up trouble…

  2. lol

  3. haha gg wags

  4. I think Green is a good defensman for the Caps. Why would he hate him? :)

  5. Not much defense for the Caps tonight…

  6. I’m like Tyler. I have no friends named Gee Gee.

  7. You mean you have no “buddies.”

  8. Ah, but does he have any “distant” friends?

  9. At least he didn’t write: “Simmons hates the Supe.” That could have got him in trouble, no matter how it was interpreted.

  10. Also better than “Simmons HTFP.” Also could have landed Tyler in some hot water.

  11. St. Patrick’s day must be hell for him.

  12. Simmons hates you

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