Postgame Haiku, Vol. 40

So, Ruffin McNeil…
Slightly different Navy team
Than 2003?


21 Responses

  1. Great bounce-back from Duke.
    Ivin ran circles around
    McNeil and his boys.

  2. 76 points
    must be some kind of record
    for Navy Football

  3. girl from ECU
    commercials, nice ring. Any
    chance you are single?

  4. First half was good but
    second half was great and we
    are now San-Dog bound!

  5. Red Blaik, please respond
    Towny Navy fans want to
    Hear the Gazzette’s thoughts.

  6. That is what I call
    A major beatdown baby
    Epic proportions

  7. Oopss….

    That’s what I call a
    Major beatdown of truly
    Epic Proportions

  8. Blowouts are awesome.
    Keep it going to SD.
    I’m off to Vegas!

  9. 7 plays 70 yards Rushing Touchdown
    3 plays 73 yards Rushing Touchdown
    14 plays 66 yards Passing Touchdown
    8 plays 70 yards Rushing Touchdown
    1 play 29 yards Passing Touchdown
    4 plays 21 yards Rushing Touchdown
    3 plays 51 yards Rushing Touchdown
    7 plays 50 yards Rushing Touchdown
    2 plays 36 yards Rushing Touchdown
    6 plays 48 yards Rushing Touchdown

    Pretty obvious, Navy better at football than I am at haiku.

  10. We lose the trophy
    Internet outage so sucks
    We roll, nirvana

  11. Jekyll and Hyde team
    Jekyll beats up ECU
    Hyde stay away please

  12. hundred sixty eight
    hours of heartache eased by
    76 points

  13. Defensive Football
    Set back many many years
    Navy wins big time

  14. Just nine seconds left
    Timeout down forty-one points
    Plotting a comeback

  15. Tough game for the D,
    but unstoppable offense
    put on a clinic.

    I hope Ivin stays
    when he gets offers to coach
    at factory schools.

  16. Don’t know what to think
    There are Gremlins by the bay
    Who shows up next week?

  17. Cardiac kids, yes.
    Schizophrenic sailors, no?
    My heart fails.

  18. 899 push ups
    All plebes report to sick bay.
    No one for chow calls.

  19. Seventy six points
    Scratch ECU off list for
    Option-stopping tips

  20. Feeling Better Now
    Army Black Nights, Please Stand By
    The Beat Down’s Coming

  21. I’m a dummy – “Black Knights”

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