One of the hidden gems of the college football blogging world is Michael Felder’s In The Bleachers Podcast, a regular roundup of special guests discussing hot topics throughout the year. The hot topic this week is Army-Navy; a fringe benefit of moving the game back a week to be by itself. ITB hooks you up with a podcast doubleheader to talk about the game: first with Patrick Stevens, formerly of the Washington Times and author of the D1scourse blog, followed up by a second podcast with a slightly less reputable contributor.

6 thoughts on “ARMY WEEK: PODCAST

  1. Tom

    Nice job. You tiptoed nicely over our disappointment in the season… man, we could be undefeated! On the other hand, we could have lost a lot more. As you said, a pretty typical Navy season, except for the loss to the Chair Force.

  2. Mike,
    It was great having you on big man. This was, without a doubt, one of my favorite shows and we’ll definitely have to talk more football soon. Nothing like actually getting into the meat of the game.

  3. newt91

    Wow. That should be required listening for all the message board yahoo’s of the world. what people think they know about football is laughable.

    Great job! (albeit very humbling). Don’t ever quit the blog! We’ll all be dumber for it.

  4. Doug7Co69

    Thanks Mike, great follow on to your blog. I look forward to watching the game and trying to remember all you said about Army’s defense and seeing how Navy’s offense will counter. You mentioned two standouts for Army, a linebacker and a defensive lineman. Where will they line up?

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