Postgame Haiku, Vol. 44

Think I’ll go ahead
And just pretend that tonight’s
Game never happened.


27 Responses

  1. butt butt butt butt butt
    crap i am so unhappy
    butt butt butt butt butt

  2. The curse of success:
    Can nine Navy wins taste great,
    yet be less filling?

  3. Nine and four should feel
    better than it does. Am I
    Next-leveled also?

  4. Nineteen zero nine
    That class has got some mojo
    Record won’t be broke

  5. Navy 2 for 9
    SDSU 5 for 8
    Aztecs much better

  6. you gotta convert
    scoring opportunities
    against a good team

  7. Mountain West two wins
    Navy football two losses
    Defense traffic cones

  8. Mountain West two wins
    Navy football two losses
    Defense traffic cones

  9. Defense gaping holes.
    O missed opportunities.
    Aztecs kicked our butts.

  10. Defense was asleep
    Aztecs passed all over us
    Tough to watch it all

  11. Navy came out flat
    SD came out smokin hot
    Still a good season

  12. Terp game told the tale
    Aztecs confirm we need help
    Overall good year

  13. Too many weapons
    could not be stopped by Navy.
    Aztecs just better.

    Highlights of the year–
    whipping Army and ND.
    Can’t complain ’bout that.

    Only twelve seniors
    on depth chart’s entire three-deep.
    Can’t wait for next year.

    Twenty-ten seniors,
    you’ve been great on the gridiron.
    Do great in the fleet!

  14. when we play good team
    and they play error free ball
    we are in trouble

  15. It was a tough loss and didn’t make the big play when needed (opening drive in 3rd quarter). Yet, the team never quit. That’s Navy Football. A lot to be proud of and a lot to look forward to, starting with beating Air Force and Army in 2011! Go Navy!

  16. Aztecs play the Grinch

    Leave coal in Navy stockings

    No Tenth Win on Tree

  17. Craig James, Craig James
    Please don’t call
    Any more Navy games.

  18. Club level seating
    Excitement! Cheered Mids til hoarse
    Slow death kills good buzz

    Did not establish
    The inside running attack
    State’s balance hard to play

    Trolley ride to home
    Sat in silence pondering
    Procter and next year

  19. Same play kept failing
    Aztecs tore up our defense
    Go Mids, Beat Army.

  20. We need a defense
    To go with triple option
    No pressure won’t work

  21. Niumat, Jasper, Green
    class of 2011, birddog, too
    FIRST class all the way

  22. 4 days later and
    that game is still bugging me.
    But what a great year!

  23. Suggestion for Mike:
    Why don’t you ignore this game;
    Recap last year’s bowl instead?

  24. Unprecedented
    Success makes every loss suck,
    But, Mids, what a year!

  25. Just switched to U-Verse
    Lost game on Time Warner box
    Don’t mind it one bit.

  26. It was great that Air Force and Army came through.Maybe Mike can recap why GT ended up with the first losing season in 14 yrs!

  27. Twenty Eleven:
    Beat Air Force and bring trophy
    back where it belongs.

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