Great win for @BLange2 and Navy. Not jus

Great win for @BLange2 and Navy. Not just for beating Army, but in the Patriot League. Still a shot at hosting a tournament game. #N*

4 thoughts on “Great win for @BLange2 and Navy. Not jus

  1. navyrugger

    Who would have thought…… Defense and rebounding can win games. Beating Army is really the only reason to get excited about Navy Basketball right now, but it was a great win.

  2. Well the team is 5-3 in their last 8 games with 2 more to play and a shot at finishing in the top half of the league and hosting a tournament game. This while freshmen are getting most of the team’s minutes. I’m not exactly punching my ticket to the NCAA tournament, but I think things are looking up.

  3. Bob

    Very solid defensively and great ball movement on the offensive end. Veazy, Garcia, and Aworo showed real senior leadership and Sugars showed real skill and determination. An impressive team win! I agree with Mike – trend is positive here.

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