7 thoughts on “AFFIRMATION, BABY

  1. warlord51

    wow. I so love that fiscal and resource suck on the US Govt, the one that we all call the US Air Force. It’s no wonder that 12 AF generals were censured in the last couple years for lack of fiscal responsibility…up to and including the Chief of Staff of the Air Force. That “service” is as fucked up as Hogan’s goats.

  2. tphuey

    Voice of Reason: That could have been posted by anybody, and just said he was a former FB player. It would be awful if it were true, though.

  3. TJ

    It also falls in line with various quotes that high school AFA recruits have made in their local papers about being able to coach after graduation as a way to serve.

  4. DJ

    Affirmation of Air Farce using its location to its advantage. No way you get away with this bullcorn with the New York or DC media in your backyard.

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