We all have our problems, I guess. For Mr. Campbell’s sake, I hope his West Point degree is worth more in his employment search than an Air Force Academy degree is. It’ll take a while to pay back the government if your only prospects are plumbing and chicken wings.

In other news, there was a time when a headline like this would seem a little ridiculous when talking about a soon-to-be service academy graduate. I guess not anymore.


  1. 901458

    This is just pathetic. What a crybaby. His NFL riches aren’t pouring in and now he is whining about having to pay the Govt. back for his education. What a selfish #$%^!

    Get a job like the rest of us and quit crying. What an insult to his classmates and the rest of the people wearing an Army uniform putting their lives on the line daily in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Korean DMZ, etc…

  2. newt91

    maybe the air force needs somebody to cut the grass. i hear they’re always looking for THE BEST DAMN LAWN MAINTENANCE ENGINEERS THAT THE SERVICE ACADEMYS CAN PROVIDE

  3. TJ

    Somehow it seems that Campbell’s early out from the Army diverged from the SECDEF’s 2 yrs active duty / 6 years reserves policy, if he’s having to pay back his education. Prorated to account for his service as a bobsledder I’m sure.

  4. jgish92

    I kind of felt bad for Campbell the way the whole thing went down with him. He was just taking advantage of a (crappy) program that was in place. However, he would be best served at this point by just keeping quiet and laying low.

  5. newt91

    while i can’t blame campbell for taking advantage of a crappy program, how can you not blast him then complaining that he got exactly what he asked for

  6. jgish92

    Blast away. There was implied disapproval of his comments when I said he should just keep quiet, i.e. quit bitching.

  7. KoutetsuKaigun

    I just took a short glance through his archive of “tweets.” Do they teach English at West Point or is that considered an elective?

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