If I Could Be Anybody It Would Be:  King Leonidas, because he was the best leader of all time and a total savage.

Did Vince Lombardi say that he wanted his linebackers to be savage leaders? If not, he should have. Between that and his opinion on PowerPoint:


8 Responses

  1. Vinnie, forget the girlfriend, marry my daughter.

  2. …after you graduate…

  3. Looking for big things from Vinnie this year – big shoes to fill. I like his chances.

  4. Leon who? Wasn’t he instrumental in the “late unpleasantness in Thermopylae”?

  5. New topic – I would love to see the “Birddog” take on John Feinstein quitting Navy Football broadcasts. Justified or hissy fit?

  6. Eh, I would have said I wanted to be Conan so I could hear the lamentations of women.

  7. Don’t forget “to vanquish your enemies, see them driven before you, and then” the lamentations thing.

  8. …conan’s hearing some lamentations from his own woman these days.

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