4 thoughts on “It’s funny how bewildered some BYU writers

  1. 81Zoltan

    But one day, when across the Field of Fame the goal seemed dim,
    The wise old coach, Experience, came up and spoke to him.
    “Oh Boy,” he said, “the main point now before you win your bout
    Is keep on bucking Failure till you’ve worn the piker out!”

    “And, kid, cut out this fancy stuff – go in there, low and hard;
    Just keep your eye upon the ball and plug on, yard by yard,
    And more than all, when you are thrown or tumbled with a crack,
    Don’t sit there whining-hustle up and keep on coming back;

    “Keep coming back with all you’ve got, without an alibi,
    If Competition trips you up or lands upon your eye,
    Until at last above the din you hear this sentence spilled:
    ‘We might as well let this bird through before we all get killed.’

    “You’ll find the road is long and rough, with soft spots far apart,
    Where only those can make the grade who have the Uphill Heart.
    And when they stop you with a thud or halt you with a crack,
    Let Courage call the signals as you keep on coming back.

    “Keep coming back, and though the world may romp across your spine,
    Let every game’s end find you still upon the battling line;
    For when the One Great Scorer comes to mark against your name,
    He writes – not that you won or lost – but how you played the Game.”

    Grantland Rice

  2. Dave'69

    The answer is right there in the article (paragraphs 12 and 14). Just create a “Mormon Trophy”, get Utah to add Utah State to their schedule and everyone is properly motivated.

  3. newt91

    yeah – but it’s not exactly teh GANSZ TROPHY, is it?

    and i love how they imply being in a conference would make it better if they’re 3-4 going into the Idaho State game

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