Postgame Haiku, Vol. 46

Santiago hurt
Makes it hard to celebrate
Another Mids win


10 Responses

  1. Howell looks stellar
    Losing Sanitago bad
    Bad time for code red

  2. looks like a great win
    but it did not feel complete
    on to U S C!

  3. Big win was tainted.
    Navy went through the motions.
    Santiago – ouch!

  4. A win is a win
    Injuries suck but slots deep
    Time to step up now

  5. Defense a pleasant
    surprise with their solid play
    in these first two games.

  6. we are 2 and 0
    injuries won’t stop this team
    time for USC

  7. Broadcast announcers
    Only Bobby “runs downhill”?
    Is not the field flat?

  8. pretty stress free game
    message board like audio
    was entertaining

  9. Navy wins again
    Irish green go down in flames
    It was a good night

  10. These Mids play fast and
    tough with a Brotherhood’s heart.
    2 and 0, great start.

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