13 thoughts on “Naval Academy Signs Agreement To Play In The 2016 Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl

  1. Geo79

    Great News. one would think that any bowl labeled “Armed Forces” would have a team from at least one of the service academies locked in. That said, why is BYU locked in this year? Do they even have an ROTC program?

  2. Geo79

    >>>>> Boston for that matter!

    But Fort Worth is not Dallas! And yet, it has something Dallas does not have: a major metropolitan area within 25 miles! :-)

    Who needs tickets for the 2016 game. My cousin’s firm hosts one of the team meals for which they receive a block of tickets. You have to sit two rows behind the host team, though, and at the 40 yard line! They can never get rid of the tickets.

  3. Anonymous

    Does anyone think that Navy is perhaps selling itself short by agreeing to these games this far out? What if they were invited to a bigger bowl, could they back out of one of these deals?

  4. If a miracle happens and Navy is invited to a BCS game, these contracts have a clause that allows Navy to go to that game. For the next tier of bowls like Cotton or Peach and the like, Navy can’t get an invite because those games are already tied into their own contracts with their affiliated contracts.

  5. 89inthehouse

    I can’t think of anything that has been more masterfully done than the pre-arranged bowls that have been done over the last (almost) a decade, and into the future. These deals have assured both our current football players, as well as recruits that their hard work will pay off in a tangible bowl game if the requisites are met. Has there been a better period in our history where our post season futures were actually planned and not left to chance? Because, let’s face it, that’s what we would be doing if not for these deals– hoping and wishing for a post season bowl that doesn’t have a tie-in, or whose auto tie-in has fallen through. We have no such problems now!

    I think this is one of the smartest things we have been able to manage in a very long time, and is an important piece of our continued success not just for football, but for the rest of the sports for which this money supports. Of course, it all depends on our ability to continue to travel well to these events. But so far we have, and I hope we continue to do so; for the sake of all of our programs! Well Done NAAA!!

    my $.02 only, your mileage may vary!


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