Postgame Haiku, Vol. 47

Navy football team
Too good for moral vic’try
Though still I am proud


21 Responses

  1. Marcus Lattimore:
    You should get paid to do that*

    (*if not already)

  2. Painful loss to take
    Still love the heart and fight shown
    Gotta beat Air Force

  3. Without Lattimore
    Navy wins game easily
    Very proud of the team

  4. Are you kidding me?
    We were in the game until
    We ran out of gas

    Are you kidding me?
    I am so proud of our team
    time to beat Zoomies!

  5. Thankful for live stream
    Watched proudly from Sri Lanka
    Played hearts out today

  6. Showed a lot of heart
    Quickness, Execution, but
    Goliath beats Dave

  7. There in eighty-four
    Watched two thousand eleven
    Once in a lifetime….

  8. Latimer’s a beast
    He won the game by himself
    Soon playing Sunday

    Game of missed chances
    Slot back play action missed twice
    Need to turn around

  9. Scared the hell out of
    Number 10 in the nation.
    So close but so far.

  10. To compete so well
    Against a formidable foe
    Credit to Navy team

  11. Mids gave ‘Ole Ball Coach
    Ev’rything he could handle
    Great game overall

  12. OMG Craig James
    So Unconventionally
    Navy Plays to win

  13. Cute little offense
    and team gave it all they had.
    Two weeks till kaboom.

  14. Guys hung tough against
    a very physical team.
    Bye week then Air Force!

  15. Lattimore awesome.
    Navy Defense was worn out.
    But Navy played tough.

  16. Whats in a ranking?
    Navy can run with the biggest dogs.
    Three points close; closer really

  17. moral victories
    not in the NAVY vocab
    I LOVE this program

  18. Nine five oh thousand
    The price U S C must pay
    To get three point win

  19. Once Upon a Time
    I would have been satisfied
    Coulda woulda…… damn

  20. As a Gamecock fan
    I tip my hat to the boys
    who will be called “sir”

  21. We needed a stop
    But Ole Ball Coach not a fool
    Run, Lattimore, Run

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