Navy nearly to Big East before Pitt, SU exited – CBSSports.com.


12 Responses

  1. Those two schools ruined it for EVERYBODY!!!!!111!!111

  2. Or saved us

  3. If you’re going to do it though, it makes sense to have another Service Academy along with you.

  4. Where does this fit on the believe-o-meter?

  5. I’d say it was probably a 6-7. The Big East has always wanted to go after Navy, but they probably saw that Navy wouldn’t come due to their service academy rivalry games possibly having to be left out. So I could see the Big East pursuing both and why it wouldn’t have been Army is so Navy could play in a championship game (schedule wise) before playing Army and not affect that contract/schedule/conference standings.

  6. Pegged hi.

  7. Yeah, I think this is pretty believable.

  8. I’m thinking about this more, and I think it had the ability to be really, really good for BE. If they had added these two, would they then have told ND to either join in football (keep rivalry game with Navy) or get out completely? ND has a contract with NBC, Comcast also has Versus and I could’ve seen them making the BE the central piece to increasing football coverage. Have a BE game at 12 followed by a ND home-game/another game at 3:30 followed by a night game on Versus with a MW game on Versus during the day. I just think the BE is gonna be a woulda coulda shoulda league real soon.

  9. No way the big east tells ND to do anything “or else.” Not at this point, and not ever.

  10. TJ, now, no way, but if they were sitting at 11 teams you don’t think they’d force ND’s hand a little?

  11. No, and I don’t see what benefit they’d get from doing so.

  12. Looks like it’s pretty believable. http://www.hometownannapolis.com/news/nas/2011/09/21-54/Navy-considers-conference-affiliation-for-football.html
    KN & CG examining crystal ball.

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