1. kevin

    Wow, I looked at AF’s schedule last week (after I saw they were playing 2 FCS teams this year) and thought it was pretty weak. Would like to see a SOS comparison….

  2. tphuey

    Yeah, cause annual games vs. the bottom feeders of the FBS — CSU, New Mexico, Wyoming, and UNLV (half the conference) plus two very weak FCS teams is very brave.

  3. He’s a troll. He drops turds in the internet punch bowl to get people spun up. It’s a lot easier than getting people to read because they value your insight. I’m sad that people actually went there to argue against his points. They should know better.

    Besides, if you get spun up you miss out on the comedy gold in his post, like Fisher DeBerry being a little bitch. Gripe away, jerk!

    U MAD

  4. newt91

    yes, but Thud to our rescue. Now that’s courage.

    and i love the assertion that b/c teams don’t see us that often means we win and that it’s harder for Airforce year in/year out. ND anyone? ACC teams, anyone?
    It’s not what you do. It’s how you execute.

    and where’s that animated gif of deberry trying to distract our kicker back in 05 when you need a chuckle (i think it was 05).

  5. Navy72

    My hunch is that the only outcome of this article is that the CS Gazette will very shortly implement a mandatory drug-testing program for anyone who writes for the paper. It’s their only hope.

  6. tman

    re: AF Attitude, this guy must get it from the locker room chats he has with team. Chet tells a story of Paul Johnson’s first game at AF (maybe his first year?), DeBerry ask him before the game while the teams were warming up, ” why didn’t he take a real job instead of Navy???”. We won. It must be in the water in Colorado Springs.

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