STOCK DOWN: Army. I’m done writing about you people. Just let us all know when you decide to be whatever kind of team you’re going to be this season.

STOCK MARKET CRASH: Big East officiating. Our future conference, ladies and gentlemen.

STOCK UP: South Carolina’s defense. Vanderbilt came into yesterday’s game 3-0, including wins over UConn and Ole Miss. Against the Gamecocks, they were held to only 77 total yards while going 1-of-14 on 3rd down conversions and committing 3 turnovers. South Carolina had 6 sacks, all coming from the defensive line.

STOCK DOWN: South Carolina’s offense. Marcus Lattimore can only do so much. Stephen Garcia doesn’t have to be a world-beater, but he can’t throw 4 interceptions, either.

STOCK UP: Arizona State. USC isn’t eligible to play in the Pac 12 championship game as part of its NCAA postseason ban, so it would have felt cheesy to see them win their division but have someone else get the chance to play for the title. Arizona State took an important step towards ensuring that doesn’t happen with their 43-22 win over the Trojans. Cameron Marshall ran for 141 yards and 3 TDs.

STOCK UP (SORT OF): Robert Griffin III. His stock can’t really get any higher than it already is, seeing as how he was sent down from heaven and all, but it should be mentioned that Griffin has 13 TD passes so far this year. He has 12 incompletions.

STOCK DOWN: The Mountain West. Boise State and TCU are good enough to beat anyone. The problem is that New Mexico and UNLV are bad enough to lose to anyone, as demonstrated by the former’s 48-45 loss to Sam Houston State and the latter’s 41-16 faceplant at the hands of Southern Utah. New Mexico’s got a few other problems to deal with, too.

ALONG THOSE LINES…: Minnesota has the most gorgeous stadium in the Big Ten. Unfortunately, they fill it with the worst team.


STOCK UP: Harvard’s football recruiting. I don’t really care if you hate the NFL (normally, I do too) but you’ve got to appreciate the Buffalo Bills and their fearless leader, Ryan Fitzpatrick. I come from a long line of Bills fans, but through the years I’ve had to watch replays of the 1991 AFC Championship Game just to keep me going. Amazingly, the Bills actually got to say “take that” to Tom Brady on Sunday, moving to 3-0 and giving the down-on-its-luck town a glimmer of hope before hockey season starts.

STOCK DOWN: Non-BCS pretenders. Several non-BCS conference teams had the chance to get to 4-0 on Saturday, and everyone but Boise State laid an egg. A week after winning arguably the biggest game in program history, FIU fell in-conference, while the MAC’s best hope for national exposure (Ohio) lost to Rutgers. Good thing for fans of conference parody parity, bad for fans looking for their conference to bust the BCS.

STOCK UP: Rex Burkhead. For anyone thinking Nebraska’s offense was a one trick pony, think again. Wyoming might have contained Taylor Martinez on Saturday, but the former Plano, Texas prep star Burkhead couldn’t be stopped. 170 yards and two touchdowns ain’t too shaby for only 15 carries.

STOCK DOWN: The ACC. For anyone thinking the ACC was finally going to come around this year, think again. Maryland showed its win over Miami wasn’t a precursor to anything, getting spanked by Temple while flashing their god-awful uniforms. Miami fell to Kansas State, while Virginia and North Carolina State also lost in non-conference games. Hey, at least Boston College won, I guess.

STOCK UP: Football. It sure was nice to enjoy a few hours on Saturday without having to hear the words “expansion” in every other sentance.

STOCK DOWN: The WAC. You think the MWC had a bad weekend, Mike? A week after adding non-football powerhouses Dallas Baptist and UC Bakersfield to its future members list, Karl Benson’s failing conference dropped the ball in three potential upsets. My Aggies lost another heartbreaker, while Nevada narrowly missed surprising Texas Tech in a 35-34 loss. Lousiana Tech — which has been oh so close this year — fell in overtime to Mississippi.

23 thoughts on “STOCK MARKET, WEEK FOUR

  1. Navy05

    If you read the Army board, you’d think it’s stock couldn’t possibly go any lower. By the way, I love the frequent updates now, It’s no longer a total waste of time checking the blog every day. Small note for Adam, it’s parity, not parody.

  2. newt91

    stock up: bird dog contributors
    stock down: correcting adam. i think the word parody fits very well right now in the context of “conference”

  3. Adam Nettina

    Stock Down: My attention to detail. Good catch, guys. Also, Indiana would give the Gophers a run as the Big 10’s worst. NDS is a powerhouse for an FCS team. Losing to them looks better than losing to North Texas.

  4. 81Zoltan

    Stock down: announcers who continually say “red shirt freshman”. Worse yet the phrase “true freshman”. What’s that…a guy who gets an atomic wedgie a week from an upperclassman?

  5. Navy72

    Stock down: Bob Davie. I watched some of GT-UNC game and Davie used “Chop Block” multiple times when he was referring to GT’s blocking technique. Must be something in the South Bend water that noodles the brain.

  6. kevin

    Biggest shock of the weekend was Temple destroying MD. Wasn’t surprised to see them win but to blank maryland, until a late garbage td, was eye opening.

  7. 81Zoltan

    Mike, I understand the difference between the two, but what ultimately eventually announcers are referring to is the age of the player. For instance BYU, which has players that often go on two year religious missions, often has players 24-26 years old. With the additional years, you may have additional size and maturity, but is it so surprising that an 18-19 year old “true freshman” can play in the NCAA? Kellen Moore lead Boise State to a 12-1 record as a freshman…I don’t believe he sat out a year to study offenses, strengthen his arm or become more mature. For me Mr. TV Announcer, just tell me “fr, soph, jr or sr,” and I can extrapolate how many more years of eligibility the player has, or tell me his vertical jump, 40 time, weight or height to feed my need for statistics.

  8. Bogo69

    Re the USC game. Wonder why we haven’t seen the pitch to a slot then the slot passing back to the QB. Bet that woulda caught USC off guard.

  9. Eric

    True vs. redshirt freshman is significant when you think about how long that player has had to learn his team’s offensive/defensive schemes, terminology, specific plays, etc. Having a redshirt year to get bigger/stronger/faster is just gravy on top of having a year to learn exactly what they’re doing in a sophisticated system as opposed to a high school system which was probably dumbed down or in which they may have dominated off their physical gifts alone. A kid who leaves on a mission for 2 years may get more physically mature (though his weight room access is probably limited) but he’s not going to come in with any more knowledge of how his team runs.

    It’s the same reason that veteran NFL players have given for defense suffering so far this season–new LBs/CBs/safeties didn’t have the benefit of a full offseason to learn all their zone blitzes and coverage assignments and whatnot.

  10. Armchairsailor79

    My local CBS affiliate has decided to preempt Air Force Navy for that barn burner Kentucky @ LSU. (They are also the SEC Network affiliate and once preempted the end of the Army Navy game for a college basketball pregame show.) Other than a 12 hour drive to Annapolis, any thoughts on options to see the game?

  11. Dave69

    1. Drive to sports bar in another town that has a different CBS affiliate. (Check out their programing in advance.)
    2. Rally any local military personnel (Navy, AF, and Army) to call the station and complain. Won’t get them to change their plans but it could help the next time they have a choise.
    3. Make a personal visit to their local studio. Express your displeasure and ask if there is a place you can sit and watch the national stream they will still receive even though they chose not to pass on to the public.
    4. Call in the SEALS.

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