Postgame Haiku, Vol. 48

Navy’s special teams:
Against Delaware, nuisance.
Against Air Force, fail.


44 Responses

  1. ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh
    ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh
    ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh

  2. TJ is lucky
    to escape without a loss
    I hate troy calhoun

  3. how do you let an air force academy graduate be an official in a rivalry game like this?? sure enough, he made a very, very cheap call on proctor that cost navy 15 yards and maybe a win.

  4. Meh. We should have never let that happen. Plus we should have made the XP.

  5. Not ready at noon
    Awoke at normal warm up
    Not quite enough though

  6. Vict’ry sweet vict’ry
    Defeat snatched out of your jaws
    Self destruction really sucks

  7. Big hole in first half,
    Big time fourth quarter come back,
    So close but so far

  8. Procter’s mouth cost Mids
    The C.I.C. Trophy, not cool
    How disappointing?

  9. Character counts much
    thrilling comeback, tough end
    will not define season

  10. I can haz rally?
    Hate losing games twice

  11. Should not blame Proctor;
    Missed kick, Poor D next few plays
    Leads to OT loss

  12. Son of ’56
    My first game I was seven
    Have never felt worse

  13. Long day for Buddy
    10 yard gains become 50
    DBs, tackle please!

  14. Like beer in warm can

    Exites and makes mouth water

    In end leaves one dry

  15. so little to love
    hate air force o hate air force
    and so very much to hate

  16. My brother is ’97 as well, and neither of us get this one:

    I can haz rally?
    Hate losing games twice

  17. Give me a break, refs
    “Excessive Celebration”?
    You spoiled our comeback

  18. Hate any loss, but
    A chickensh*t penalty
    Makes it so much worse

  19. refs are turds
    all the way for af
    how to stop that

  20. We got flagged late
    For acting like air force does
    Cost us the game, crap

  21. Could there be a more
    painful way to lose a game
    to these Zoomie pricks?

    My heart goes out to
    Proctor, Teich, and all seniors.
    This loss straight-up sucks.

    Proud to be a fan
    of a team with so much heart
    to stage that comeback.

  22. Hate to have to say
    Go Army beat the Zoomies
    But then there we are

  23. i f*%#@n HATE losin to AF. Should’ve won. Missed FG cost us game at end of reg. is AF grad story true?

  24. DVR stopped short
    Missed the end of overtime
    Prob’ly just as well

  25. I was at the game and cannot recall a loss which hit me harder than this one. I suspect that I was just very confident that Navy would prevail in a very close game.

    Flag on Proctor is baffling at best, inexcusable at worst.

    Navy fought back and deserves credit for their furious comeback and refusal to quit.

    It hurts, but let’s not make excuses. Gutsy comeback and all, we played just well enough to lose. No good.

  26. with all the guessing
    about how the game would go
    who would’ve thunk it

  27. Triggerjoe ANYBODY..
    Is that comment that a ref was an AF graduate true? need to know

  28. I would rather watch
    a full box of puppies sink
    than lose to these guys……..

    But the sun came up,
    albeit reluctantly.
    Will cheer them on Sat.

  29. reply to anonymous…

    i did not hear the comment directly, but my son said that one of the announcers made that comment at the end of the broadcast. reading the wrap-up stories, i see that the official who made the call was from the WAC. maybe that’s what the announcer (and/or my son) meant to say. sorry for the premature comment.

  30. i was disappointed in the game. i was expecting a much better performance. no tackling, poor reads by proctor, no blocking up front, poor perimeter blocking, missed easy throws badly, missed fg, blocked pat(even if it was a long pat, it shouldn’t have been blocked), and terrible decision at the end to say anything after scoring that td in overtime. the part that has me the most irritated is that with all of the mistakes, they still could’ve won the game. hope they get their heads together, southern miss is a very good team capable of beating most teams.

  31. i was wrong
    the team had a good comeback
    just post game anger

  32. *whoops i mean i’m wrong
    the team had a good comeback
    just post game anger

  33. Too many mistakes
    in all facets of the game.
    Advantage: Air Force.

  34. did not execute
    great job coming back on them
    don’t put in refs hands

    this game has me so irriated!!!!

  35. Furious comeback
    shouldn’t be necessary.
    Errors cost navy.

  36. Proctor was clearly deserved penalty. Taunted AF player in his left ear and then rolled around him and gave it to him in right ear. Teich knew it. Look at pic in Washington Post of Teich pulling Proctor away from the AF player. Also, TV shows Proctor lied about sayint the AF player was impeding him getting off the field. Clearly when he rolled around the to the AF players other side, he was not at all being impeded. Also, regs warned teams they needed to be in control. So, my take, Proctor got what he deserved.

  37. It is pretty bad
    When haiku is catharsis
    But that’s all we got

  38. can’t play half a game
    rally was for the ages
    tough pill to swallow

  39. would be nice if air
    farce posters used names instead
    of anonymous

  40. Does anyone think for a second that a Big 12 Official makes this same call at a Texas / Oklahoma game that is in OT – we all know the answer – both teams were in each other face the entire game and then to make an example in OT is in excusable – the official should be suspended! Let the teams determine the winner!

  41. That call was bogus and everyone knows it. AF S Davis swiped at Proctors head after the score (in pile). Should Proctor had done it? No, but still bad call. Great Comback!!!! Kicking game flashbacks…..Tulsa ’06 and Ball St ’07. Hate to be such a sore loser but losing like that to “THEM” SUCKS!!!!!!!

  42. it is monday and
    i still can’t process how bad
    we play’d in first half

  43. Nice! Brand New Posters!
    Welcome. But on this page are
    Haikus only, please.

  44. Proctor didn’t cause the loss. An earlier missed FG and piss poor defense lost the game.

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