STOCK DOWN: Navy. We have all week to talk about the other impacts from Saturday’s loss, but right now let’s just look at what it means for this season. At 2-0 everyone was all sunshine and puppy dogs. Now Navy is 2-2, and the schedule isn’t getting any easier. The next 6 games include matchups with Southern Miss, Rutgers, Troy, Notre Dame, and SMU. And who knows what Army team will show up in December? Getting to bowl eligibility is never a given, something a lot of people have forgotten. Remember all the bitching and whining there was after going friggin’ 9-4 last year? Looks pretty good right now, doesn’t it?

STOCK DOWN: Independence. Chet said that we were waiting for the Big East to show some solidarity before Navy would commit to joining the conference. Is this what he was talking about?

STOCK UP: Andrew Luck. Dude might as well print his own money.

STOCK UP: Georgia Tech. Their defense still stinks, but the spread option is a juggernaut that has pushed them to their best start since the 1990 national championship season. They should get to 7-0 with Maryland and Virginia next on the schedule, setting up a challenging-but-not impossible 3-game stretch against Miami, Clemson and Virginia Tech that could turn the Jackets into national title contenders once again. I should know better than to get ahead of myself, though, especially since Clemson is looking pretty damn great right now. Can’t wait for that game.

STOCK UP: Wisconsin. Nebraska, you’re not in Kansas anymore. On multiple levels.

NOT SURE IF STOCK UP OR STOCK DOWN: Baylor blew a 35-26 lead to Kansas State and lost 36-35 for their first defeat of the year. Meanwhile, Kansas State is 4-0. I’m not sure if that says more about Baylor or Kansas State.


STOCK UP: My Italian cooking skills. Not gonna lie, when 1 p.m. rolled around – and when Navy’s players were just starting to get out of bed – I had already made several forays over to Food Network. Can you blame me? Watching Giada was a helluva lot prettier than watching the gridiron equivalent of Shock-and-Awe we saw on Saturday.

STOCK DOWN: Texas teams, as in those not located in Austin. Sure, the Longhorns may be a surprise so far this year, but it was a tough weekend for the Lone Star State’s “other” programs. Three Top 25 teams from Texas (SMU TCU, Baylor, and Texas A&M) all lost on Saturday, while two of the state’s undefeated programs – Houston and Texas Tech – had to overcome anemic first halves to hold off what were considered lesser conference opponents.

STOCK UP: WAZOOOO. If you’re one of those college football fans who likes to “adopt” a perennial loser (and seriously, who doesn’t?) than you should start following what’s been going on in Pullman. Beating Colorado might not seem like a big deal for most football teams, but in overcoming a 10-point, 4th-quarter hole, Paul Wulff’s team proved it doesn’t just have big play talent, but also a will to win. Is it too early to jump on the Marshall Lobbesteal for Pac-10 Offensive Player-of-the-Year bandwagon?

STOCK DOWN: Temple. Granted, we knew Toledo was one of the best 1-3 teams in the country coming into the game, but a week after hammering Maryland, Temple proved one-dimensional in a 36-13 loss to the Rockets. Probably not the best note to pitch coming back to the Big East on.

STOCK UP: Dan Persa. I know Northwestern ultimately lost, but it was apparent from watching the Wildcats take on the Illini that the preseason hype generated for Northwestern might have been justified had the starting quarterback come into the year healthy. Kain Colter isn’t a bad quarterback, but he just doesn’t have the same field presence as Persa, nor does he have the senior’s on-field chemistry with Jeremy Ebert, who uncloaked himself this weekend by catching three touchdown passes – all from Persa.

STOCK DOWN: The city of Logan. Unless you’ve ever spent a considerable amount of time there and unless you experienced the transfer of Riley Nelson – Logan High’s onetime hero – than you just can’t understand. I’ll leave it at that.

10 thoughts on “STOCK MARKET: WEEK FIVE

  1. Dave69

    Adam – you need to make a correction to your “Texas” comment. SMU was not a loser this week. I think you meant to say TCU which lost to SMU 40-33 in overtime.

  2. Navy72


    I clicked on your link regarding Big East.

    Help me here. Is that really the commissioner of the Big East in the photo? Looks more like the accounts receivable guy for the Teamsters.

    Chet might want to think about bringing a Seal Team along with him for the, er, negotiations.

  3. tphuey

    Agree with Mike on his assessment of Navy. If we’re not careful, we will let AF beat us twice this year. We need to forget this loss, and man up for Southern Miss.

    It’s hard to do that, because I’m still festering 48 hours later.

  4. 81Zoltan

    The test of success is not what you do when you are on top.

    Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.

    George S. Patton

  5. DotBone89

    I guess we know now at least one play PJ, can call at GT, that he couldn’t at Navy: throw it to the tall guy (Stephen Hill). Which I believe is: z-waggle, counter a-toss, power b 24 on three. ;-)

  6. Kevin

    I’m an optimist, and I see Navy pounding Southern Miss as revenge for the AF game. I think Navy enters the San Jose St game 7-3.

  7. hardcore24

    That team from Pullman, WA. is affectionally known as WAZZU just for your info. Must be that “attention to detail” bugaboo you have alluded to before I suppose. (o;

  8. Dave69

    Kevin – if you were a true optimist you would “…think Navy enters the San Jose Game 8-2.” I guess your glass is only 70% full.

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