Postgame Haiku, Vol. 50

Remember when Coach
Said placekicking woes won’t last?
Hello, two and four.


33 Responses

  1. Fitting final play
    For an O-Line that tried to
    Get Kriss killed each pass.

  2. Tough one to swallow,
    Navy has four straight losses
    Thank you field goal team

  3. Inexcusable
    Very rarely use the word
    Only one that fits

  4. Yet more kicking woes
    Basics def not good enough
    Sort it out Coach N!

  5. Defense looked better
    The offense could be better
    Special teams – kill me…

  6. Navy had this game
    We blew it big time today
    God I hate losing

  7. Tough Loss
    Please new ST Coach
    Another 4th down stop at the 1

  8. sad volume fifty
    it was the worst of times, it
    was the worst of times

  9. Never been so glad
    To have computer problems
    On Navy game day

  10. I need Novocaine
    To stop this horrible pain
    Again down in flames

  11. looking for bright spots
    enjoyed watching big play plebe
    named Chris Ferguson

  12. Damn! Tough one to watch
    Special teams lost it again
    Defense looked better

  13. Three games and five points
    Doesn’t really tell the tale
    We just aren’t good

  14. More red zones, no points
    Another field goal epic fail
    Deja vu again?

  15. Neither of my teams
    Really can play any D
    Oh woe are my teams

  16. How do we still have
    People who do not know how
    To write a haiku

  17. darkest before dawn
    pretty dark today; sun rises
    with ECU next week!

  18. Let’s try this again
    Five, Seven, Five not that hard
    Get with the program

  19. Why
    the heck
    do we have to
    write a haiku for U?!?!

    A four game losing streak begs the

    and nonconstraining

    nonsensical ramblings
    that only
    free verse screaming-at-your-tv
    capture by way of poetic such-and-such after a Saturday
    especially nonspecial teams play.

    I have said my peace.

  20. It’s only football
    There’s more to life than life
    But gee, just a win

  21. *sigh* I wonder if
    “Our margin is thin” means that
    this sh*t must happen?

  22. five syllables then
    seven more and finally
    five to seal the deal

    bird dog tradition
    free verse streaming not quite as
    cathartic for me

  23. Missed red zone field goals
    Four games lost we could have won
    Time to right the ship

  24. can’t blame just one thing
    losing can be contagious
    winning hard to find

  25. Key passes were dropped.
    INTs batted to them.
    FG team can’t block.

  26. Had the game in hand.
    Defeat snatched from victory.
    Bad Body Language.

  27. No Excuses, Nobody cares

  28. good time to reflect
    how spoiled we have become
    hard to go backwards

  29. For the last 8 years,
    we have won the nail-biters.
    I had become spoiled.

  30. Kicking the football
    between the poles would be much

  31. So many close wins
    are but a thing of the past
    who’s seen Uncle Mo?

  32. Close wins will return.
    But getting a blowout win
    first would be real nice.

  33. O-scored thirty five
    If you don’t see it’s defense
    You can’t see problem

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