31 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 52

  1. DotBone89

    Beatin my children
    And kicking the dog around
    Satisfies me not.

    (no children nor dogs were hurt during the making of this haiku)

  2. Salty98

    87, the point about PJ’s recruits is ridiculous. PJ went 10-2 with Weatherbie’s recruits. So I have no idea what your point is.

  3. Navy8T7

    98. I agree with your points and it seems you are missing the forest through the trees. PJ is gone and the recruiting staff has changed over the past few years, not much, but it has still changed. The point: Skipper gets the final say…and the current seniors are the last from the PJ era and associated staff.

    Now back to the haiku format….

  4. Salty98

    So why bring it up? What’s your point about PJ’s recruits then? If you’re going to say KN can’t recruit like PJ then just say it. I think that’s wrong since the assistants do almost all the recruiting, but OK.

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