Postgame Haiku, Vol. 52

Defense down and out
Trey Miller not quite ready
Not a good combo


31 Responses

  1. Embarrased today
    Waited all day for something
    Something never came

  2. Beatin my children
    And kicking the dog around
    Satisfies me not.

    (no children nor dogs were hurt during the making of this haiku)

  3. How to watch this team:
    One bourbon, one scotch, one beer,
    repeat as needed.

  4. Offense was a mess,
    and the defense bad as well.
    This team needs more work.

  5. Navy was throttled.
    Fighting Irish kicked our butts.
    Better luck next year.

  6. Old Years Have Returned.
    No Defense, Poor Recruiting.
    No D, No Future.

  7. Old years have returned.
    No Defense, Weak Recruiting.
    No D, Sad Future.

  8. lol to those
    who think it’s two thousand one
    can you say “panic”

  9. Time outs, commercials, or turf tackles
    is the answer
    Question: How does Navy D stop an offense?

  10. today was not good
    2 thousand 2 memories
    poor play overall

  11. This game was real bad
    We failed at all 3 phases
    Not used to bad years

  12. Defense down and out…
    Last year of Johnson’s recruits
    Miller not quite there

  13. Hey 87, you realize that most of our coaches recruited these players when they were on PJ’s staff right?

  14. holy shit i have
    to wear a wedding dress
    to work this week. shit.

  15. wedding dress is 4 syllables dang it (i f-ed up)

  16. That was a dumb bet
    but I’m sure you’ll be lovely.
    Unlike yesterday.

  17. Dark Ages came early
    Will we win another game?
    Worried ’bout Army…

  18. They said “Tradition
    Never Graduates,” but Class
    ’11 is gone.

  19. Not New Mexico…
    Not a Double-A Fordham…
    A better ND.

  20. Hey 98, Still PJ’s staff…right? Same staff but the Skipper gets the final say…

  21. Do you realize
    that Notre Dame just may have
    sucked the last few years?

  22. Ugly loss to the Irish,
    but don’t count these Mids out yet.
    My team, win or lose, my team!

  23. Joe Dawg Fifty-Four, your loss
    felt in all birddog nation.
    next time, bet sober.

  24. Offense bad
    Defense worse
    Special teams ugly

  25. 87, the point about PJ’s recruits is ridiculous. PJ went 10-2 with Weatherbie’s recruits. So I have no idea what your point is.

  26. Trivia question 87: who recruited Kaipo who was probably the best Navy option QB ever?

  27. 98. I agree with your points and it seems you are missing the forest through the trees. PJ is gone and the recruiting staff has changed over the past few years, not much, but it has still changed. The point: Skipper gets the final say…and the current seniors are the last from the PJ era and associated staff.

    Now back to the haiku format….

  28. So why bring it up? What’s your point about PJ’s recruits then? If you’re going to say KN can’t recruit like PJ then just say it. I think that’s wrong since the assistants do almost all the recruiting, but OK.

  29. Tough stretch now long gone
    Four winnable games ahead now
    Start new streak bowl game

  30. Kharma can win games
    Didn’t ya know that homies?
    All hands think just win.

  31. one upside this year
    bandwagon fans jump off like
    rats from sinking ship

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