Postgame Haiku, Vol. 53

Victory! The taste
All too unfamiliar.
Who’s this juggernaut?


17 Responses

  1. Victory! At last!
    A great win for the seniors.
    Now for 3 more Wins!

  2. 4 wins in a row
    numero uno today
    SMU you’re next

  3. q, r, s; t, u,
    v;…something…x; y, and z…
    oh yeah: W!!!

  4. Highlight of the year:
    Midshipman Santiago
    Back for Senior Day

  5. Great day for Navy
    Mids must now move on quickly
    Mustangs will be tough

  6. Forty-one – fourteen!
    Feels so good to win again!
    Santiago’s Back!!!!!

  7. Only four-two points?
    We need bigger fullbacks and
    More body language

  8. Mids dominate Troy
    Blasted W K U
    Navy rules Sunbelt

  9. Don’t give up the ship, men.
    Santiago back; A’s make plays.
    Another Navy win!

  10. Beautiful day
    for a Navy Football win!
    Feels good, doesn’t it?

  11. Code red and KP
    Return as Gray Bird shepherds
    Eaglets from ‘bove: Win!

  12. Previous haiku
    Aimed towards GoMidiots
    Sarcasm peoples

  13. At home games now the
    end zone scoreboard asks for noise
    is nothing sacred?

  14. Totally agree
    Violating fans right to
    Sit on hands in peace

    Zoltan did you know
    That you are officially
    One of “those” old grads

  15. Noise is domain of
    the Brigade of Midshipmen
    Not puppetmaster

  16. Noise is domain of
    Anyone who is a fan
    Stay home otherwise

  17. Scoreboard noisemeter
    is fake video. Fan noise
    makes no difference.

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