Postgame Haiku, Vol. 54

They’re born again hard.
Defense wins championships.
Also, Gansz Trophies!


13 Responses

  1. Teich’s bloody nose
    A symbol of Navy grit.
    Navy guts it out!

  2. Beating SMU
    Is nice but SJSU
    is next, keep winning

  3. Defense learns the curve
    Injuries stabilized now?
    Offense steams down field!

  4. Went to Smoooo
    Ran the ball left, right, middle
    Defense got two picks

  5. 5 syllables here
    We won the game today dudes!
    5 syllables here

  6. Post game Haiku fun
    When Navy drops a D-Bomb
    Like they did today

  7. Buddy stays in box
    Got us some superstition
    Keep bringing the wins

  8. The Defense looked good
    Proctor “decepted” the Stangs
    On to San Jose…

  9. The way to San Jose?
    It passes through S M U
    Follow Navy there!

  10. Our boys showing heart
    Clawing their way from the depths
    Momentum building

  11. Reports of the death
    Of Navy Football greatly

  12. Forward to San Jose
    Interceptions saved the day
    Keep it going men

  13. Navy team’s fight gives
    November to remember
    meaning. Drive on, Mids!

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