Postgame Haiku, Vol. 55

Incomplete passes:
Too many for the offense
Defense, not enough


19 Responses

  1. So how many times
    Can Proctor miss open guys
    Bad loss to bad team

  2. talk the talk we do
    Walk the walk we do not do
    this year equals fail

  3. 2nd and 10 not good
    for Navy team. Who said we
    are now Air Navy?

  4. Nothing good happens
    When Navy passes so much
    Frustrating season.

  5. Coaches lost this one
    Offensive play calls not good
    Last drive was the worst.

  6. San Jose our foe
    Stacked the box all saturday
    Missed our receivers

  7. We had joy we had
    fun we had seasons in the
    sun but it ended…

  8. Quoting Terry Jacks –
    Serious Violation
    in the Haiku thread!

  9. We deserved this loss.
    Did not play Navy Football.
    What were we thinking?

  10. I missed the game
    Looks like I didn’t miss much
    Sad outcome, we suck

  11. Something missing
    Find way to lose
    Or losing finds us

  12. Big crowd for bad game
    That could be last west coast trip
    As indepedent

  13. when it all comes down
    entitlement has shown up
    last hope is ARMY

  14. Burt Bacharach asked:
    “Know the way to San Jose?”
    Nav replied: “Beats me.”

  15. Teague and Beltran are
    Keystone cops operation
    Not very special

  16. Looking forward to
    Twenty-twelve’s commissioning.
    It’s been a rough year

  17. I’m fairly certain
    Navy is a running team.
    Pass on 4th and 3?

  18. no one wants Army-Navy
    to be their bowl game, but it is
    this year. now Beat Army!

  19. The loss really sucks
    One box bust pass catch we win
    Gomidiots learn?

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