If this becomes someone’s million-dollar idea I’m gonna be pissed for not thinking of it first.

Not exactly the most high-profile product endorsement, but it’s cool seeing Eric rockin’ the Navy pro combat. Do the kids still say rockin’? Probably not. Anyway, I’ll probably buy one and put it in my garage next to my Tony Gwynn-endorsed Solohitter.

(Although the best testimonial for the Solohitter is clearly this:

Fred Claire, baseball executive:
“With the salaries major league players are commanding today, SoloHitter is a great investment.”

Helicopter parents, consult your financial advisor before purchasing)

But back to Mr. Kettani. This has to be the first Navy athlete product endorsement since David Robinson sold shaving cream with Tim Duncan, right? Although I always preferred his pitching of portable TVs:

Roger Staubach had a hand in selling electronics too:

And pants:

And more recently, Dallas mayoral candidates:

Can anyone think of other Navy athletes who endorsed a product? I don’t know if Napoleon McCallum ever did, and I’m not going to sift through a bunch of injury videos on YouTube to see if he did a commercial, either.

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