Expansion Update

According to ESPN.com’s Andy Katz, the Big West has opened up the possibility of accepting Boise State’s non-football teams. Such a move would provide Boise the landing sport they need now that the WAC looks to be a lame duck conference. There had been rumblings in the past week or so about Boise reconsidering their jump to the Big East and possibly staying with the MWC. Securing a position in the Big West would virtually assure the move happens (and would also shut down any talk of San Diego State going back to the MWC – they’re already in with the Big West for the rest of their sports).

The only downside? Lazy sportswriters and bad bloggers using “OMG BIG EAST FOR FOOTBALL BIG WEST FOR EVERYTHING ELSE LOL BIG EAST IS DUMB” as the basis for posts made in the 2 weeks following any such announcement.

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